6 Empowering Quotes From the Grey's Anatomy Premiere



If there’s anything I love more than the heart-racing plot lines of Grey’s Anatomy, it’s the carefully crafted statements by the characters that stop me in my tracks.

Whether Shonda reminds us of our own worth…


Or she motivates us to speak up...


Not an episode goes by without a succinct reminder of the power we each have. The first episode(s) of season 14  were no different. Here are 6 empowering quotes from the premiere.

“If you want to be a shark be a shark. Don’t apologize for it.” -- Meredith Grey

“It’s not your place to decide that, it’s her’s. Her patient, her decision.” -- Miranda Bailey

“I am Meredith’s sister. If there are sides to be taken, I’m on her’s.” --Maggie Pierce

“I asked for his help. He said no, and I moved on. And in case you need a remember, I am the chief of neurosurgery.” -- Amelia Shepherd

“No, no you do not get to tell a woman how she should feel after she witnessed something like she witnessed between Karev and Deluca. You don’t know what it’s like to be female, watching men assert their authority by throwing lethal punches.You don’t get an opinion,” Bailey said. Then she turns to Wilson. “You don’t have to listen to anyone on this because you are a powerful woman.”

--Miranda Bailey


This is just the start to many quotable moments. I can’t wait to see what’s to come.