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5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Spring Break in the Dorms



While it seems like everyone around you may be booking their plane tickets back home or to a fun location, there are upsides to staying in the dorms over spring break. After all, we have less than a full week for spring break, and there are so many ways you can make the most of these days!



1. Spend a day on yourself.

Yes, a full day. Get coffee from your favorite shop or go on a journey to find the best coffee in Chicago. Do at least one facemask, paint your nails, go to The Art Institute, make a playlist for your spring break mood, listen to said playlist without headphones. Make sure you take 24 hours to completely pamper yourself in any way that makes you the happiest! Once spring quarter starts you may not be able to take that much time to yourself, and an almost completely empty dorm hall is probably the best place to do so.



2. Cook yourself real meals.

In the community kitchen! And no one will be there to interrupt your highly important cooking session where you can pretend to be on the Cooking Network.



3. Go to the Ray.

There are no more excuses not to hit the gym, especially since the Ray is still open over spring break. Plus, classes are still going on! Finally take that yoga class you’ve been putting off, or just go workout for the first time in a couple days (or weeks, or the entire quarter).



4. Explore the city.

While we’re all stressed over classes (and life, let’s be honest), it can be easy to forget that we’re in Chicago, and there’s so much to do! This is your time to figure out where you’re really living. Go to that restaurant you always pass on the Brown Line but never have time to go to, or go to Michigan Avenue just to stare at all the clothes that probably cost half your tuition, or visit the Lilypad Pond Sanctuary and remember that nature exists.



5. Do something nice for your RA.

This is the perfect time to remember that your RA is a real person that is also staying at the dorms over spring break and deserves a nice gesture! Honestly they have to go through so much, and they’re choosing to stay in the dorms to make sure nothing happens. Bake them cookies or buy them coffee. Show them that you appreciate them!

You may be in the dorms this spring break, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it! Go have fun because this winter quarter has been a trip.


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