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5 Reasons You Need to Get a LinkedIn Now


LinkedIn. It’s the professional social media platform that you should already be a part of. However, I have found that many students my age aren’t on the networking site. It may seem annoying to set up another account on another site, and it might feel tedious to have another profile to keep update. Nonetheless, it is arguably one of the most important networking platforms to be a part of. Here’s 5 reasons to get a LinkedIn now:


1. To connect with your classmates.

LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected with your classmates. Yes, on Facebook you can stay up to date on what they’re eating and who they are hanging out with, but LinkedIn allows you to stay connected with them on a different, professional level. Ten years down the road the guy from accounting with long hair might have his own firm. Connect with your peers now, so you can work with them after graduation.

2. To connect with your professors.

LinkedIn also allows you to stay connected with your professors. Their network is likely to be larger than your own, which could be helpful down the road. Additionally, your professors will be reminded of you each time you make a post and update your profile because it shows up on their feed. The next time they hear of a internship/job opening, they might think of you.

3. To establish a professional profile online.

Whether you like it or not, potential employers have already googled you and viewed your social media accounts by the time you land an interview with them. However, your Instagram and Facebook feed might not convey your aptitude for the job (though it should still be appropriate). Having an online professional profile allows employers to search through your experience, rather than your favorite lunch spots.

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4. To keep track of the organization you have been involved in.

College is a busy, busy time. It’s easy to lose track of what you did when and how long you did it for. Having a LinkedIn account and keeping it updated allows you to stay on top of everything you are doing to build your skills and experience. This way you don’t have to rush to remember everything you did in college the as you begin to apply for jobs after graduation.

5. To open yourself up to potential employment opportunities.

Employers often search for prospective employees on LinkedIn. Though you may not have your eye on a specific company or organization, they may notice you on LinkedIn via your profile and reach out.

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LinkedIn may not be the most exciting social media platform, but there is so much to gain from being a part of it. So block of some time over the next week to make yourself a profile and begin connecting!

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