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5 Brands to Get You to Winter Quarter


It can seem like it’s been an entire lifetime since we sat in our final class and said goodbye to Autumn Quarter. Unfortunately, I hate to break it to you, but it’s only been about a week and a half since we started Christmas Break…. So, we have almost a month left of wandering aimlessly around our hometowns before classes start up again.

Luckily, Her Campus Headquarters and their sponsors always seem to know exactly what to get us. This year, St. Nicholas is stuffing our stockings with goodies from Alba Botanica®, Being, and Krazy Glue.

While we might not be pulling all-nighters in JTR at the moment, hustling in retail for the holiday season is no a joke. Whether you’re saving up for spring break or doing some damage control from being swipe happy in the city, Alba Botanica®’s got your back with helping you look human. And hey, having this wake up call for our under eyes will also be a Godsend when we’re returning to class…on January 2nd.

Before us collegiettes are back for Winter Quarter, we’re needing to adjust to the satanic winds that disguise themselves as a Chicago winter. We may have picked a place where the air hurts our face….but it’s Being to the rescue!

Being lotions are a Godsend when the Chicago winter threatens to get the best of you. It’s moisturizing without being greasy and it’s scented without making your fellow CTA customers hate you. It’s perfect for being on the run from December Intercession classes or from guys you went to highschool with in Jewel. If you’re on the run (which who in college isn’t?), you’ll also love the new packaging on Krazy Glue.

While I feel like calling this “snack size” is a little weird, but these one time uses are a must have to throw in your bag incase your heel pad jiggles, your gloves snag a rip, or your bag tries to make a break for it.

Of course, a post-finals glow-up wouldn’t be complete without some new workout tanks and some makeup to make you a human optical illusion.

#ActuallySheCan has been a longtime partner of Her Campus Media LLC and was manufactured with Le Motto to create these super cute and super breathable tanks. While the tanks are cute enough to get you to the Ray on their own, #ActuallySheCan is a female empowerment organization I can definitely get behind. With their tagline of “Get inspired, empowered, informed,” I can’t find enough reasons to support these brands.

However, once you’ve burned off all of your mom’s cooking, your friends will finally be home from their state schools. Make sure to use the Tarteist™ PRO Palette to create looks that can range from the casual coffee shop instagram to the Holiday Glam every beauty guru makes a video about. Don’t forget to top off the look with Lights, Camera, Lashes™ because not only will it make your lashes look a mile long, but it’s vegan and cruelty-free. Not only will you look good, but wearing Tarte can also make you feel good knowing you’re contributing to a future beauty industry without rampant animal testing.

With the help of these brands, I won’t go mad over these six weeks….I think!

Michelle is a third year Secondary Education English student at DePaul University that enjoys sarcasm, laughing at cats on the internet, and forgetting to wear her glasses to class.
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