5 Best Coffee Shops in Chicago for All Your Midterm Needs

It’s midterms, friends! In the midst of writing papers and preparing presentations, it’s necessary to place yourself in an environment where you can be as productive as possible. Here’s a list of five Chicago coffee shops that will keep you focused so that you leave midterms season knowing you did your very best!


1. Stone Creek Coffee- Lakeview 

One of Chicago’s newly opened coffee shops, this place has one of the best environments for studying. Once or twice a week, I decide to come here and not leave until I’ve finished all the work written in my planner for that day. Almost everyone who comes here brings their laptop and cranks out all the papers they need to, which means you’re surrounded by people just as determined as you are! This coffee shop is right off the Belmont redline stop.

Photo Courtesy of ABC7 Chicago  

2. Bourgeois Pig- Lincoln Park

The second floor of this beautiful, antique-shop-like coffee shop is wonderful for any readings you have to get done. The cozy, warm atmosphere of this place will make you want to read here forever – cuddling up next to one of the window-side tables will keep you focused on all your readings for the next five hours. Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor


3. Dollop Coffee Company- Buena Park

This retro-themed coffee shop is an experience you DON’T want to miss. It’s like entering the most luxurious parlor you’ve ever seen. There’s a ton of window-side seating if you want to look out at an urban Chicago landscape. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to write a paper and work on a presentation while Chicago sunshine shines on you!

Photo Courtesy of Block Club Chicago


4. Colectivo Coffee- Logan Square

Logan Square has such good study spots! Colectivo Coffee has incredible decoration, with wonderful overhead lighting and a well-chosen color palette. If you’re feeling anxious and overworked by midterms, come to this place and let the blue-green theme improve your mood.

Photo Courtesy of Daily Coffee News


5. Sawada Coffee-Fulton River District

There’s nothing I love more than a coffee shop with string lights. Sawada Coffee has a rustic-chic theme that will do nothing but inspire you to get your done. In addition to the unparalleled lighting situation, their coffee is designed just as beautifully and tastes even better.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


Instead of spending midterms season in your bedroom, hop on the CTA and let yourself explore all Chicago has to offer for your studying needs.