4 Meme Inspired Halloween Costumes from 2018

We’ve nearly made it to the end of 2018 and there have been too many memorable memes along the way. From YouTube child stars taking over Twitter moments to celebrities from yesteryear making their much-deserved comeback, we’ve truly seen it all the past ten months. Instead of trying to block out the ridiculousness of the year by forgetting about these moments, I’ve curated a list of 3 iconic Halloween looks based on 2018’s best memes so we can remember them forever. Enjoy.

Nikki Blonsky from the movie Hairspray because how could we forget?!

If you weren’t as active on Twitter this summer as I was, you missed out on Nikki Blonsky newest career endeavor—reminding everyone she was in the movie Hairspray (2009).  I personally don’t understand how anyone would need a reminder, I mean, her performance was iconic and Oscar-worthy. However, that doesn’t stop Nikki from shamelessly plugging her outstanding performance from nine years ago.

When she wasn’t busy plugging her IMDB, Nikki was making videos for Cameo, an app that allows fans to pay their favorite celebrities to make a personalized shout-out.  Nikki did not hesitate to catch that extra coin.

This Halloween look is quite simple.  To achieve Nikki’s aesthetic, all you need is a baseball hat and a message. Nikki keeps it real simple with her hair pulled back and a black shirt, but what’s important here is that you have a heartwarming message for your fans and a political opinion or two.    

Michaela Coel Been Knew

One of the earliest memes of the year was this iconic moment from the latest season of Black Mirror. Actress Michaela Coel gave us the most memorable look from the episode “USS Calister” and a meme to stand the test of time.

She even acknowledged it herself.  

For this costume, you may want to complete the look by wearing her red space dress (pretty simple to configure for cheap), but all that is really important is the red top, the bee-hive, the earpiece, and that all-knowing smize.  

“Squinting Girl” is our forever mood

Another well-known Twitter moment from the past couple of months was an accidental meme (but aren’t they all) from Twitter user @Solo_Kalin.  She posted the photo as an outtake from a photo shoot she was doing for Instagram. Little did she know it would blow up to be one of the most popular memes of the year…

This costume is very simple but it’s important that you get it right.  You’ll need black jeans, a black top, a light pink sheer jacket/blouse of some sort (a thrift store is your best friend), some rose tinted glasses and heels.  Then, all you have to do is squat and perfect your squinting face. It’s a guaranteed fan favorite!

“Life With MaK” is the only life I want

This year, the genre of ASMR videos reached peak popularity.  By August, the Internet graced us with our ASMR queen MaKenna, who owns the YouTube channel “Life with MaK." A 13-year-old who is known for her iconic lip-smacking sounds and sassy role-playing, she is the perfect pick for a memorable Halloween costume.     

A stellar actress known for her many roles and costumes, you have a lot of options in terms of which Mak outfit you want to portray.  However, her most recognized look would have to be the pink blouse with a canned drink and straw. Don’t forget to tap that can!

Now that you’ve got some meme-d out Halloween inspo, go out there and remind everyone how freaking weird 2018 was with these ridiculous costumes.