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3 FOOL-PROOF Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to let Mom know you’re thinking about her! If this is your first year being away from home, it’s especially important to let your mother know just how much you love and appreciate them. As a freshman in college, I learned to really appreciate just how much my mom did for me growing up. Not having someone to do my laundry last minute or pick something up from the grocery store has made me so grateful to have had her growing up. Moms are such an amazing woman in a girl’s life, and it’s important that we daughters let our moms know that we know that. There are many ways to let your mom know you love and appreciate her even while you’re away at school. If you’re in the market for a gift this Mother’s Day, look no further! 
Here are my top 3 fool-proof Mother’s Day gift ideas:
1. If you have a little cash to burn I suggest taking your mom out to do something you’d both 
enjoy. Whether it’s visiting a museum (the Art Institute is FREE on Thursday Nights) (your 
mom doesn’t have to know), getting mani/pedis, or even going to lunch, spending quality time 
with your mom is key. It’s one of the best gifts you can give her, and spending just an hour with 
mom pigging out, watching a movie, or getting your nails done will surely make you feel better. 
DePaul is a great resource for buying discounted tickets. You can get movie tickets, sports 
tickets, tickets to musicals, etc. for real cheap. Check out the Student Center for more details. If 
you live too far from home, send her an I Owe You card in the mail, and let her know as soon as 
you are home for summer you’ll take her to do something special. 
2. My second gift idea is an oldie but goodie- it’s a classic for a reason-flowers. Who doesn’t 
love getting gifts sent right to their door-you know that awesome feeling when you see a delivery 
truck pull up in front of your house? Receiving flowers in and of itself is such a special feeling, 
but imagine being sent flowers from your favorite person in the entire world, your pride and joy. 
That’s the experience you could give your mom this Mother’s Day. I know that sending flowers 
can cost nearly $80, but luckily this Mother’s Day there are some pretty good deals (I’m talking 
$20 for a bouquet of flowers, a vase, and free delivery). My favorite flower delivery service is 
Pro Flowers because their flowers are so fresh and truly gorgeous. You get what you pay for with 
Pro Flowers. Put your bargain hunting skills to the test and be on the lookout for deals on flower 
arrangements this week. Commercials and radio ads usually have great coupon codes so listen 
up! So even if you think flowers are cliché or predictable, what mother wouldn’t love to have 
fresh flowers delivered to their door for Mother’s Day?
3. If you are really strapped for cash, my best advice is to send your mom a card. 
Groundbreaking, right? I know it seems simple, but finding a card that your mom would love and 
writing a special note can truly be the best gift of all. Plus it’s your mom, and she would love a 
stick figure drawing you made because you made it, and that’s all moms really seem to care 
about. So, go to the $.99 card section at your convenience store, pick out a card, take some time 
to write a thoughtful or funny or sweet or whatever your mom likes message and send it in the 
mail. She’s guaranteed to love it.
Whatever you end up doing for Mother’s Day will be more than enough, your mom will 
probably just be happy you remembered it was Mother’s Day. And don’t forget to call her!
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