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Why My Sorority is the One of the Best Aspects of My Life at Denison

As I eagerly watched the clock on my phone creep up to 10:45 on the morning of bid day, my heart pounded faster and faster in my chest. Bid day started at 11:00 in Slayter on a Sunday morning following an emotional week full of meeting hundreds of girls, smiling through every conversation, and enduring a large amount of stress. I went in to rush week unsure if I was or was not going to accept a bid at the end of the week, as I was never the “typical sorority girl.” However, after the advice of some fellow Denisonian women, I built up the nerve and signed myself up for rush telling myself that at the very least maybe I make a friend in the process—little did I know I would receive much more than that.

I went through that crazy week of stressing over what outfit was considered “cocktail” and what was “business casual” and doubting myself with every conversation I had at each house. We were told that if we did not receive a bid, we would get a call at 8:00 Sunday morning. As my alarm went off at 8:30 without a missed call, I knew I was lucky. I walked up to Slayter and eagerly awaited to see my bid along with everyone else.

KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA! Woo! I was ecstatic to not only receive a bid, but to receive a bid from my favorite house. However, despite my joy, I was still unsure if I would accept my bid. My plan was to give Kappa a two-week “testing window” and after two weeks decide if I wanted to stay in Kappa or drop. 

After running down the hill to our magnificent house, I knew I had stumbled upon something great. The two-week time period was thrown out, and I knew Kappa was the place for me. In Kappa, I have found a home, and a family. As with almost every affiliated woman at Denison, my sorority quickly became one of the best aspects of my life. In my sorority, I have found a network of support that both lifts me up when I fall, and boosts me higher when I soar. In my sorority, I have found a family filled with unconditional love. In my sorority, I have found a group of women who push me to be my best self meanwhile reminding me every day that I am perfect the way I am.

My sorority is one of the best parts of my Denison career for these reasons and more. Despite my uneasiness at the beginning of the process, I am thankful I not only took a risk and went through rush, but that I found such a perfect house. Trying to describe why I love my house and being in a sorority is a hard task to accomplish. The difficulty we face in answering this question proves why it is so important to each of us. Sororities are not something that goes away once you leave Denison. I am forever and always a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma, and I know that my sisters will never let me down. My sorority is currently one of the best aspects of my life at Denison, and I know without a doubt in my mind— that will never change.


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