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What your Favorite Valentine’s Day Candy says about You!


With Valentine’s Day looming closer, friends and couples alike are pondering the perfect gift. For a lot of people, the “go to” gift is candy because seriously, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. No matter if you prefer chocolate or something sugary: there’s a delicious option for everyone. Have you ever wondered what your favorite Valentine’s Day candy could say about you? Find your candy match and read on.   

If you chose Sweetheart Candy Hearts: The Cutie Pie

This is probably one of your favorite holidays: the words “Valentine’s Day” makes you smile. The idea of receiving little heart candies the happiest colors on the spectrum (bubble-gum pink, lime green, turquoise blue, and sunny yellow) fills you with unadulterated joy. Most will tell you that are a bubbly, smiley person 365 days of the year, but this day your happy-go-lucky personality is in full force; love is in the air and candy hearts are in your pocket. Each adorable phrase of “you rock” or “hug me” tastes even sweeter than the sugary candy.

If you chose Generic candy: The “Anti Love”er

Valentine themed candies or Valentine’s Day in general just don’t work for you. At drug stores, you find yourself rolling your eyes at the red and pink M&Ms or the giant chocolate heart wrapped in pink foil. You’d much rather munch on a carefully crafted array of Twix and Hershey bars. You’re always up for a candy bar or three, but you don’t need a silly, lovey-dovey holiday to pig out on candy disguised as hearts. Whether your single or taken on this holiday it wont matter, as an “Anti-Lover”, you believe the entire holiday should take its corny traditions and leave the month of February for good.   

If you chose Chocolate truffles: The Sophisticated Diva

As you bite into a luscious, creamy chocolate truffle preferably, Lindor or Godiva, you can’t even compare its’ deliciousness to a mere Hershey bar. You have very sophisticated taste in most aspects of your life, which means a friend or loved-one will be whipping out the big bucks. Your taste may be a little overly sophisticated but that taste is definitely exquisite, from shoes to chocolate you only buy the best; it’s a talent. This day, like any other, you should receive the absolute best in candy because, you know, deep down, that you deserve every sweet, creamy bite.

If you chose Dove Milk Chocolate Hearts: The Romantic

All you ask for this Valentine’s Day is a bouquet of roses, Dove chocolate hearts, and good old-fashioned romance. This holiday you’ll probably spend some quality time with your very serious boyfriend Ryan Gosling and a “Rom-com” movie marathon or at a romantic dinner with your beau. Heart-shaped chocolate is the perfect candy to express your flair for romance and your love, well, for love. Your optimistic ideals on love are in the air this holiday and hopefully for you, these feelings will spread throughout the campus.

If you chose Wax candy lips: The Goof

You are someone who loves to get silly and Valentine’s Day is the perfect platform to mess with lovey-dovey couples that are taking the holiday WAY to seriously. You pop in these fire engine red lips and room around campus finding the perfect “victims” to lay a smooch on. You love to laugh but the cherry on top is making others join on the fun. You act goofy most of the time, but we know that you have a softer, sweet side like the cherry sweetness of those wax lips. 

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