What to Watch on Netflix Over Thanksgiving Break

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving break! We’ve all been working so hard and I know I am excited for this much needed break. While breaks are a good time to catch up with friends, family, and on sleep, it’s also the perfect time to get cozy and watch netflix without immediate schoolwork looming over your head. However, I tend to make time during the school year to watch my favorite shows, so I know exactly what to recommend! Here are some shows and movies you should definitely check out:


  1. Atypical: This show has three seasons so far. It will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and be grateful for the people in your life. The experiences that the characters go through are especially relatable to someone in high school or college, but my mom also got really into the series. The show follows the main character Sam, who’s autistic, through the end of high school and beginning of college. Sam is not the only person the show focuses on, though. It also goes into depth of the lives and struggles of his parents, sister, girlfriend, and best friend. 

  2. The End of the F***ing World: Season 2 was just put on netflix and die hard TEOFTW fans are so excited. This series is peculiar in every sense. It follows the two main characters, Alyssa and James, through their journey that involves murder and first love. While the scenes and actions of some of the characters are odd and sometimes gory, the themes of the series remain relatable. For example, in the season finale of season 1, James says: “I’ve just turned 18, and I think I understand what people mean to each other.”

  3. New Girl: New Girl is one of my favorite shows of all time. It never fails to make me laugh, but in contrast to some comedies, it has an interesting and continuous plot line. You won’t be able to choose a favorite character because they are all hilarious and lovable in their own way. It’s the perfect show to watch before bed to end the day on a good note or when you’re going through a tough time and need a laugh!

  4. The Fosters: This is another one of my favorites. The show is not afraid to address current and important issues. The show has queer representation, draws attention to the problems in foster care, covers typical teenage struggles like applying to college and relationship troubles, and addresses politics that are relevant to modern times. 

  5. Let It Snow: If you’re like me, and you don’t mind watching holiday movies before Thanksgiving, watch this! It’s about friendship and romance and definitely corny, but it’s sweet and will get you into the holiday spirit.

  6. The Fundamentals of Caring: This one is a feel good movie. It’s about a retired writer who becomes the caregiver for a disabled teen and the adventure they go on together. It will make you both laugh and cry. 

  7. Stranger Things: Just watch it. Really. Do it. The hype is real. My favorite season was definitely season three, because in addition to the sci-fi aspect (which is interesting in itself), it also goes more into depth of the lives of the young teens and their friendships, family relationships, and romantic lives. My favorite scene is when Eleven reads Hopper’s letter...I sobbed.

Whichever Netflix adventure you choose, whether it’s on this list or not, I hope you thoroughly enjoy it and have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!