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Any gamer girls out there? (I promised I just used that term ironically.) If so, I have a game recommendation! If you’re looking for a non-FPS deck-building game, look no further than Slay the Spire! It’s an odd title–I had a really hard time remembering it for some reason–but it’s an amazing game and surprisingly addictive.

It’s fairly simple: you pick one of three characters (there’s a fourth one you can unlock), who each have different skill-sets. You defeat enemies by playing different cards in a deck, and after each enemy is killed, you can choose which additional cards you add to help you defeat tougher enemies. There’s potions, relics, shops, bosses, and event rooms.

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Photo by Designnn.co from Unsplash

In addition to the game design and visual, the game’s replayability is its biggest strength. It can feel repetitive battling enemies the same way over and over again, but the diversity of the cards, skill-sets, and relics makes the game much more interesting and makes you want to try again even after a frustrating defeat. You have to constantly apply strategy, but with each unique deck you have to think of different tactics. It manages to work, and work well.

It can be rather time-consuming, but it’s well worth a try! You can find the game on Steam, and it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch. (There’s an iOS version too, but it’s apparently not as good.)

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