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Some of the Many Fall 2023 Classes I Wish I Could Take at Denison

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Denison chapter.

It’s that time of year that I’m sure many college seniors are experiencing: the “I don’t want to leave college!” season. I’m a month out from graduation and continued to be dazed and confused about how quickly time passed. For some reason, it was hearing my junior friends talk about registering for fall classes that really made me stick my bottom lip out and pout. I have been a die-hard fan of school since I was a kindergartener. Don’t get me wrong, like anybody else I have had my fair share of issues with school; from the socially awkward phase of feeling like I didn’t have any friends in middle school to the senior slide I experienced in high school. But I have always loved to go to school and learn, which is why college was such a magical time for me. Getting to take classes that interested me and counted towards a major that I hand-picked? Paradise! Here are the eight classes being offered in the fall at Denison that really made made me yearn for another semester.

1. Renaissance Italy (History) – As a, you guessed it, History major, I’m green with envy over those who get to take this class. I never really dabbled in European history classes at Denison despite being required to take classes with subjects that differed in time period and geography. Italian history is something that is relatively unfamiliar to me, and I’m sure this class will be great.

2. Ancient Magic and Witches (Classical Studies) – Like any self-respecting feminist, I am fascinated by the the thematic labeling of women as witches throughout history. Being able to take a whole class revolving around this theme? Fantastic. I have never ventured into the realm of Classical Studies courses at Denison, which I often regret. Searching through the fall course catalog made me realize just how many academic departments I subconsciously avoided.

3. Drawing Terrain (Studio Art) – My two fine arts requirements were fulfilled by a history of rock and roll course and a revolutionary theater class; needless to say, both of my Studio Art roommates were disappointed that I never attempted classes in their department. I dabbled in drawing a lot as a kid, so I surprised even myself by never taking a drawing class at Denison.

4. Introduction to News Writing and Reporting (Communication) – I love reading the news and, once upon a time, I wanted to be a journalist reporting on the news. Even though I am no longer interested in a journalism career, this class sounds like it would be applicable to a variety of career paths. As someone looking to enter into the realm of politics, nearly half of American news reporting is centered around politics these days.

5. Women Artists in the Movement (Art History) – Despite being a lover of history, art history made me yawn as a high schooler. I dodged the Art History department every time my course search took me in its direction. This class, however, is cross-listed with the Latin American & Caribbean Studies AND Women & Gender Studies departments. This class’s interdivisional nature makes it seem really interesting and therefore I am jealous of any student enrolled in this course.

6. Anthropology of Human Rights (Anthropology & Sociology) – The Denison ANSO department is yet another academic discipline I failed to try out. My Political Science minor and activist background has made me curious about civil liberties and human rights issues around the world. Not only is this class centered around a fascinating topic, it would also include methodology and theoretical frameworks I have never worked with.

7. Postcolonial Literature and Criticism (English) – I entered Denison as a declared English major. While that only lasted a single semester before I switched, I continue to find myself jealous of those in the English department and all the great books they get to read. To me, this class sounds like a perfect marriage between the History and English departments, as colonialism is a policy that nearly every History class I have ever taken has mentioned in some regard.

8. Politics of Resistance: People’s Power, Rights, and Social Justice in Asia (Politics & Public Affairs) – Okay, time for a quick explanation of Denison’s PPA major. When I came to Denison, we had a Political Science department like any other school. In my junior (or was it sophomore?) year here, the school decided to discard this department and turn it into Politics & Public Affairs. I was one of the last members of the Political Science generation and do not qualify for the PPA major/minor. As a Political Science minor, I’m able to take the PPA classes but cannot major or minor in the department. End rant. Needless to say, the PPA department has been creating some really cool classes over the past couple years and I’m sad I was only able to dip my toes in its offered courses. This class takes my interest in resistance movements and applies the political science framework I’m so familiar with, sounds like a dream come true.

Fiona Schultz

Denison '23

Fiona is a senior at Denison University who works as the Senior Editor and Co-Chapter Coordinator for the Denison Chapter of Her Campus. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and is pursuing a History major as well as two minors in Political Science and Environmental Studies. Her favorite pastimes include reading mystery novels, making curated playlists, and catching up on politics.