The Power of Women Wednesday

One of the many things I love about Her Campus is the countless social media pages for each college’s chapter. Each Her Campus team takes their own approach to the style and purpose of their sites, but one thing that many of them have in common is a focus on powerful, successful, inspiring women. Hashtags such as #womanwednesday and #womancrushwednesday highlight women from around the world who have made steps towards equality and progression within their field. As the social media head of Denison’s Her Campus chapter, I have been given the opportunity to conduct weekly research on powerful women, from NASA astronauts, to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, to gondola workers in Venice. This experience has made me much more aware of how many important discoveries are being made by women, how many successful companies are progressing under the power of a woman, and how many inspirational women throughout history I was not educated on. Her Campus social media pages have widened my view of current news regarding women. For Denison’s chapter, I tend to focus on a variety of women involved in different career fields. I want to highlight historical figures and current figures, well-known names and unknown names, young girls and older women, scientists and businesswomen, as well as many more. I have learned about Myria Perez, a young paleontologist who has chased her dreams in a male-dominated field… I have learned about Mae Krier, a 94 year old “Rosie the Riveter” who has been making face masks to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus… and I have learned about Madeline Swegle, the first African American jet pilot for the United States Navy. It is so important to spread these womens’ names to our audience; Instagram feeds can often become overcrowded with materialistic posts, so scrolling past a highlight of an empowering woman can provide an educational yet refreshing addition to our feeds. 

Woman Wednesdays have been incredibly inspirational for me; I love learning about how many women are adding positivity and progression in our society. I would not have known about all of their different accomplishments if it weren’t for Denison’s Her Campus, as well as other college’s chapters. It is so nice to see other Her Campus social media platforms follow the trend of Woman Wednesday… It gives audiences an even wider glance into the variety of powerful women that are accomplishing their goals, both big and small, and chasing their dreams despite their hardships.