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Pinterest is Much More than a Wedding Planner

If you’re anybody who’s anybody you know that now-a-days things are basically all done online. You keep up with your friends and update pictures through Facebook, get your news on Twitter and maybe even blog around on Tumblr a little bit. The newest thing to hit the World Wide Web is Pinterest. It’s a little hard to explain but basically it’s a virtual pin board. Each board you make can have a specific theme for example some of my own boards are Cute Animals, Future Décor Designs and Preppy Fashion Trends.  

I know a lot of you who have heard about Pinterest may be thinking that all the website is, is a place for sorority girls to plan their future “over the top” weddings. While this may be slightly true for some, that’s just one way that Pinterest is blossoming into the awesome social media network that it is. This site has so much more to offer. One thing that I personally enjoy about Pinterest are the hundreds of recipes available right at the touch of your fingertips. Especially since Curtis and Huffman can be more than disappointing a majority of the time. From full breakfast meals to late night snacks, Pinterest totally has it all! 

But that’s not all that you can find on Pinterest. There are so many options on what you can have on your various boards. Fashion Pinterest boards seem to be a pretty big commodity on the site, too. People are always pinning new ideas on how to wear clothes that may be hiding in the back of your closet or new trends that are starting to be noticed in the fashion biz.  My own fashion board contains all things prep. Sort of like a wish list of things that I can’t wait to buy (right after I find myself a good paying job after graduation of course!).
Another huge trend on Pinterest is the Home/Apartment Décor themed boards. Just take 15 minutes to look around Pinterest and you’ll find tons of DIY projects that you could use to spice up your own dorm room. My friends and I are particularly excited to start working on some of these ideas since we’ll be living in senior apartments next year. With such crafts as wine cork letters, pillow cases with your favorite song lyrics, or framing shopping bags from your favorite stores for your closet. There is something for everyone and for every single taste. 
Last but not least, Yes, Pinterest can be used as a wedding planner. I have to admit, I, myself have a Pinterest wedding board. Believe me, I know I’m not getting married anytime soon, I haven’t even found a long-term boyfriend yet! But it’s definitely kind of fun. I mean every girl wants to have the perfect wedding and Pinterest allows for you to collect some ideas to bounce around in your head. Just because you have a ‘Wedding’ themed Pinterest board, doesn’t make you a hopeless romantic! There are thousands of people out there doing the same thing, so you have nothing to worry about. 
Pinterest is quickly becoming a household name and everyone is using it. Yes, even your parents might be on Pinterest. But it’s definitely something to check out if you haven’t yet. This site has something for everyone so find your niche, let your creative side shine, and get to pinning!


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