My Go To Fall Outfit

It’s taken me a long time to develop a personal style but now that I have, I’ve become more confident and a better consumer. When I’m walking around campus do I look like a hippie dressed for the cold? Probably. Am I a whirlwind of soft colors and oversized clothing? Undeniably. Am I extremely happy and comfortable looking like that? Absolutely. Fashion is about self-expression and I couldn’t be happier with the clothes I wear. Here’s my go-to outfit for the fall.


  1. Mom jeans


The higher the waist the better the outfit. I was absolutely thrilled when mom jeans became trendy a couple years ago. Since then they’ve become a staple in my wardrobe. Not only are they stylishly casual, they’re also incredibly comfortable and versatile. I’ve found that the best place to find mom jeans are on Poshmark and at thrift stores. My favorite pair actually came from my local thrift store in Minneapolis. 


  1. Cardigan


In the colder seasons I want to feel cozy, like I’m constantly wrapped in a big blanket. Drowning myself in a huge cardigan is my definition of pure bliss. Cardigans are essential for people looking to feel both warm and cute. I prefer cardigans to normal sweaters because they let you show off the shirt you’re wearing underneath. 


  1. Floral shirt


I’m an absolute sucker for anything that’s soft and pretty. I’ve recently found that most of the shirts I own are either floral, pastel, or peplum. Call me that girl, I dare you. I think that a big cardigan paired with a pretty shirt is both a good balance of textures and a cute combination. Floral is my favorite pattern to wear with a neutral colored cardigan. 


  1. Boots 


Mom jeans and Converse high tops are one of my go-to combos but I tend to prefer boots once it gets colder. Boots scream fall vibes and I’m always excited to pull them out of the back of the closet once it gets cold. My favorite pair of boots are my brown Doc Martens. Paired with some thick socks these boots are perfect for both fall and winter.