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The Sims 4 is a rendition of a game series that started in the year 2000. I got into this game when the Sims 4 was released in 2014, and it’s been one of my favorite games ever since. The idea of the game is that you can create your own life in a pre-existing world. You create your own people (or Sims), build your house, make money by having a career, and build relationships with other Sims. This game has a vibrant community online with custom content being created and gameplay on YouTube. People are always wanting to use the platform to explore new things, and so the team in charge of creating the game comes out with new game packs that include expansion packs, game packs, and stuff packs. I love this game, and if you’re interested in playing here’s my personal favorite packs that I think you should invest in that make the game that much more fun!

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This pack brought us weather, holidays, and a new world. It was an expansion pack, so it came with new aspects in all parts of the game. I enjoy setting up custom holidays for my Sims to celebrate, such as Pride Day and Pranks Day. With the changing of the seasons comes fun activities, such as having snowball fights in the winter and water balloon fights in the summer. 


City Living

City living is an expansion pack that brought us the world of San Myshuno and a new type of housing. The city is vibrant, filled with activities for your Sims to do, such as going to museums, singing karaoke, and going to festivals and the Spice District. You can place your Sim in an apartment of your own design or one that is premade and full of character. Fulfill all of your dreams of living in the city in a crappy apartment or a luxury studio. 


Tiny Living 

Tiny living is a game pack that was designed for builders. It challenges you to make a small space for your Sims to live in and maximize its potential. Gamers in the Sims community already tried this challenge, so the Sims team made it a little easier and brought us this game pack that is colorful and unique.

Hi! My name is Catlin Cornish and I'm from New York. I'm a Freshman at Dension interested in studying Women and Gender Studies and Art History. In my free time, I love to write, listen to music or podcasts, play instruments, or hang out with friends!
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