Must Watch Shows About the Environment

Since it’s the week of Earth Day, it seems only fitting to talk about the environment themed shows that are worth streaming, to get your mind thinking about how to help preserve the place we all live! Over the years, I’ve come across a couple that were so well done and really captured the beauty and tragedy of nature. So, I feel inclined to share them with all of you. I think anyone will love them.

  1. Planet Earth

This original British television series that started in 2006 was filmed over a span of four years, in 64 different countries, capturing all the strangely beautiful creatures and sceneries you probably didn’t know existed. Every scene is in high definition and is unbelievably beautiful. And the best part about it…David Attenborough narrates every episode, if you’re watching the British version, of course. If you haven’t heard his voice, then watch it.  You’ll know exactly why it makes the series 10 times better. But, if you’re watching the American version, Sigourney Weaver narrates it, which is still the same level of awesome.

     2. Planet Earth 2

Sensing a pattern here? That’s because the Planet Earth series is the best nature documentary to exist ever, in my opinion. I cannot stress this enough. It’s riddled with lighthearted humor, and has music synced up with bears as they are scratch their backs against tree trunks. It doesn’t get any better than that. It’s the perfect show to watch during quarantine. David Attenborough also narrates the second part, and I don’t believe the American version exists yet. It’s such a soothing show, that’s informative and enjoyable to watch.

Both Planet Earth series are available to purchase and rent on Amazon Prime for $10.99. I was fortunate enough to watch it when it was on Netflix, but quite honestly, it’s worth the buy. If you cannot afford to rent it, or simply don’t want to, then here’s an alternative nature documentary below!

     3. Oceans

This movie, created by Disney, focuses on how humans impact the oceans and the environment that surrounds us. Oceans is insightful and makes you think about pollution in terms of how it not only affects us, but the other creatures we share Earth with. Give it a go! It’s available on Netflix!


If you aren’t a fan of nature documentaries, then instead of staying in watching shows, stay inside and be mindful of the resources you take advantage of every day. With everyone in quarantine, we can all attempt to recycle more, turn off the water while we brush our teeth, conserve energy by turning off lights. 


We can still act to preserve the environment. We all just need to do our part!