Motherhood: Cue Emily Rayburn

For the Mom-to- Be.

For as long as I can remember, you have always been right beside me, through it all. From the time you were born to this day, you’ve always been my best friend, the person that I can always rely on. So, Emily Rayburn, this is for you.

We’re second cousins. But, it’s never felt like it. We’re more like sisters. Remember all those slumber parties? The ones that turned into weeks, how we never wanted to be apart...even if we had argued the whole time? Yeah, those were the days.

Remember that big lie I told to get you in trouble? Probably because you were the meanest little girl there has ever been. But that’s okay, you never picked on me after that...except when you wanted to scare me.

Middle school was weird. But you were weird with me, so it made it bearable. It kind of sucked that we weren’t in the same grade, but I think it worked out well. Remember when I learned about the whole Santa thing? You told me that you’d known for years, but you didn’t want to tell me because you didn’t want to ruin it. Even in those weird times, you still cared.

High school was a new ball game. We found our friends and ourselves in the process. You found Josh and life changed. He became a part of the family quickly. You guys had some hard times, but you loved each other more than anything and made it through. High school sweethearts.

Now here we are. Me, officially 20, and you, 19, just shy of the big 20, and a beautiful baby boy on the way.

You’re going to be a great mom. The best. I’m so proud of you. I know you’re so excited to meet your little guy, but don’t to forget to enjoy your pregnancy. You’re growing a little human inside!

He’s lucky to have both you and Josh. I’m going to miss our slumber parties, but it’s okay, next time we’ll just bring little Bowen along.

Thank you for giving me a nephew. For allowing me to be an aunt to him. I will make sure that I’m the best aunt out there. Bowen deserves nothing less than perfection.

I love you, Emm.

Welcome to Motherhood.