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After hearing about the popular supernatural drama series Manifest (2018-present) for a couple of months, my roommate and I decided to give it a watch. The first episode aired in 2018 and there are currently three seasons available on Netflix with a fourth and final season on the way. The plot centers around Montego Air Flight 828, its disappearance in 2013 after departing from a Jamaica airport en route to New York, and its miraculous reappearance in 2018. When the 191 passengers finally return to New York City, they have to acclimate to the new world around them. While having to adjust to the many changes in their lives, the passengers are also under intense scrutiny from the United States government and the media. 

The show’s main characters are members of Flight 828. Michaela is a police officer who in 2013, was engaged to Jared, a co-worker. Cal, Michaela’s nephew, is a boy who had terminal cancer when they took off in Jamaica. Now in 2018, he may have a new lease on life since medicine has advanced during their five year disappearance. Ben, who is Michaela’s brother and Cal’s father, is a loving parent and husband to Grace who would do anything to protect his kids. Finally, Saanvi is a doctor who specializes in children’s cancer research.

While each episode focuses on a new story, there is still a thread of continuity throughout. This format keeps the plot fresh and intriguing while also developing the viewer’s emotional connection to the characters. Speaking of emotional connection, there is not only visible chemistry between some of the characters, but there are also deep connections within the family units (e.g. Ben, Cal, and their family). Because of the talented actors and their success in portraying these characters, the audience feels especially attached to them. 

If you are a fan of shows that fall under the categories of supernatural, time travel, or drama, this is for you. I have seen all of the current seasons streaming on Netflix, and I highly recommend the series; in terms of scoring, I would rate it a nine out of ten.

Nora Walsh

Denison '25

Nora Walsh is a current freshman at Denison. She is passionate about language learning (specifically Spanish) and learning about various cultures around the world. When she is not doing work, you can find her doing yoga, spending time with friends, listening to music, or diving into a movie or TV show; new or old.
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