A Little Slice of College Fashion Week Heaven

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Picture this: You are front row to a high-end fashion show in the middle of Manhattan, sitting next to your best friend, and sipping Spindrift from a pink and white paper straw. If you’ve experienced this before, then I want your life. But if you haven’t, then let me take you along the journey I had this past weekend courtesy of Her Campus and StudentUniverse.

I’m one of those girls that never seems to quite win anything when attempting to enter contests. I had been looking at the Her Campus contest for College Fashion Week for weeks, consistently checking in daily for those three extra entries. When the contest ended, I hadn’t thought much of it but ‘well, that was exciting’ and moved on with my life. But then I got an email from the most wonderful woman from Her Campus, Maggie Scenna, telling me that the final weekend in September was going to be one doosie of a weekend.

I WON! I honestly still don’t believe it, but I did! Free airfare from StudentUniverse and VIP tickets to the show for the New York show. So, my best friend, Alex, and I packed up our bags and we were on our way. 

Alex and I skipped class on Friday (whoops!) and made our way to the Big Apple. We had networked with a fellow alum from Denison, and we met up with her to grab her keys to the most adorable apartment in all the world. I am exceedingly blessed to Abbe for allowing us to stay in her beautiful home.

Our first evening was spent at the theatre with one of my favorite shows, Waitress. If you like musical theatre in the slightest, this show is impeccable. Sara Bareilles wrote some incredibly beautiful lyrics for the story line. Once the show ended, we rounded the corner to the stage door where we got to meet up with the actress who plays Dawn, Caitlin Houlahan. She’s from my hometown and I know her cousin very well, so it was nice to speak we her for a moment. We ventured back home, ready for our very full day the following morning. 

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to make our trek to breakfast. We stopped at a very cute café in Brooklyn called the Outpost Café to meet up with a couple of friends. This was probably the most granola café I have ever stepped foot in. We sat out on the back patio where vines were overgrowing, the pathways were all cracked with character, and the inside was treated like a family dining table rather than a separate café. Once the rain started falling, we bid our adieus and headed home to start our preparations for the true reason we were in New York: College Fashion Week.

We were running all over the little apartment trying to make sure that we looked just right. We had no idea what to expect when walking up to those golden doors and what would be held inside, but we wanted to be ready. Once finally prepared, we stepped outside and began our first task: maneuver the subway to get us as close as possible to Metropolitan West. This seemed to be a more difficult task, but after transferring trains at least 3 times, we finally ended up at a place that was only about 14 blocks from our destination. The dummy that I am forgot to bring a sweater with me, so we were hiking right along the waterside at 5 o’clock in the evening in Autumn-like temperatures. I was even more eager to get inside.

Although we were running a little late, we arrived at Met West, skipped the line that was still waiting for regular entry, and started our VIP experience. Once we checked in, we were promptly handed two bags: a smaller one from Ulta that contained small makeup products and a larger black one with the phrase “full of chic” plastered on the front of it containing a PopSugar Must Have box, a mini hair straightener, and a Primark gift card.

We entered the following archway and we were transferred into fashion heaven. There were hair and makeup stations, Spindrift stations, StudentUniverse photobooths, and so much more. Let me throw in some photos to explain.

Once the show began, I was in complete and utter awe of the sheer amazement of it all. Starting with performer, Trinidad Cardona, and the amazing talent by all the designers was amazing. I’ll include a couple of my favorite outfits because I am honestly still in shock of the beauty that was thrust before me. 

Once the show finished and we could catch our breaths again from running to the subway, we debriefed the evening with each other going through each and every outfit, our experiences, and how this would definitely be an experience that will stay with us forever.

The following morning, we were awake by 3 a.m. to make our 6 o’clock flight out of LaGuardia. I would be lying if I said we were eager to go home.

Thank you so much to Her Campus and StudentUniverse for giving us this amazingly unique opportunity. We’re already looking for our next excuse to skip class and hop up to the city once again!


You can see more about StudentUniverse by going to this link: https://www.studentuniverse.com/collegefashionweeknewyork?utm_source=col...