A Letter to My Younger Self

Ever wanted to write a letter to yourself, telling the younger you what know now? Me too.


Dear Young Michaela,

I have some advice for you, so just do me a favor and listen carefully.

Sometimes, it’s okay to put school on the backburner and have a little down time. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with work all the time. You’ll be happier if you just let loose and enjoy the little moments.

You should call your Papa more, I’m sure he’d like that. You never know how much time you have left.

Call your Grandma more too, she misses you. She loves you more than you realize...she’s so proud of you. Don’t let it eat you up that she lives far away, just remember that she’s only a phone call away.

Enjoy the time you have at home. College is fun and all, but you sure will miss your house filled with laughter and Molly barking. It’s nice to sleep in your own bed and chill out on the couch.

Make sure to play with your little brother as much as you can. You sure will miss it when you are stuck in the library studying, contemplating about life (even though he comes barreling into your room all the time and it aggravates you).

Enjoy the homemade meals and the pantry full of snacks. Even though it might sound “adult-like” to scavenge food for yourself, it is definitely not as fun as it sounds.

Oh and don’t even get me started on when you’re sick. You never truly realize how comforting it is to have your parents with you when you’re feeling yucky. It’s truly the little things that matter.

Maybe even try talking to that JR kid a year above you. He’s pretty cool. He may even change your life.

And theater, well, don’t take that for granted because once you get to college, you’ll realize the little time you have to join productions. Show choir is a blast and don’t you forget it because Denison doesn’t have a show choir...even though it should ;)

Try to go out every once in a while. You’d like it more than you think. Sometimes it’s fun to have fun with your friends. Yes, even at the Sunnies.

Hey, don’t beat yourself up about your body all the time. You’re always thinner than you think. But that’s not the point. You have to learn to love your body because it’s more beautiful than you think.

Don’t feel bad about wearing sweats either because, come on, you don’t need to prove your beauty to anyone. Plus, if they can’t see it while you’re in sweats, they’re not worth it.

Stop rushing to be older, there are so many joys of being young. You don’t see them right now, but they are there. Being a college student isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s a journey, but you don’t want to rush the journey you’re on now. When you look back, you’ll realize how incredible it is to be young, so please, listen to what I’m telling you and don’t take it for granted.


From you and only you,

Future Michaela