Junior Year Blues

Junior year. Who would’ve thought that our college years would fly by so quickly? It’s incredible to think back to those moments years ago, wondering which college we would call home.

But here it is. We’re almost done. Life keeps moving, even when you want it to stop.

Junior year has been wonderful in so many ways. I have grown into the woman I’ve always wanted to be, I’ve solidified my friendships, I’ve experienced other parts of the world, and I have challenged myself in ways I had never dreamed of.

Unfortunately, these amazing feats I have surpassed these past few years never prepared me for the Junior Year Blues.

Things seem wonderful, right? I’ve grown and I’ve turned into a glorious, insightful woman. But that doesn’t stop junior year from moving forward.

I won’t lie. Classes are hard. I’ve always been confident and grounded in my academia. Yet, this year, especially this second semester, had challenged me. I’m at the end of my college career. I only have a couple of classes left to fulfill my major requirements, which just means that school is becoming more difficult.

I’ve worked hard, harder than I’ve ever had to this year. I have been frustrated and overwhelmed so many times. It never seems like I have enough time in the day. I’m an A student, but I’m struggling with B’s and even a C this semester. That’s a lot to put on a girl’s plate.

I’ve never had such a difficult time in school and that has affected the confidence I have in myself.

I’ve talked to a lot of other students who are struggling just the same this semester. That helps a bit, but it’s still difficult.

But it’s good to know that I’m not alone.

Junior year is hard. A lot is going on and you’re getting closer to the point where you have to decide what to do next with your life. You may be looking at graduate schools or you could be ready to go into the workforce. Either way, it’s stressful and confusing. No one can prepare you for the stress you feel when trying to decide your life path.

For all the underclass man out there, don’t be scared. Don’t make this article define how you’ll feel about your junior year. As I mentioned before, I truly love the person I am today. Making it through these past three years at Denison has impacted the way that I will continue forward in life, only in the best of ways. Junior year is full of fun and excitement. But it’s scary too.

Everyone will experience this in their life, whether it be in their junior year or in their mid-40’s. Who knows. I just want you all to know that you are NOT alone. Always reach out. Spend time with your friends and remember to call your parents from time to time. Ask for pictures of your dog and never take the time you have for granted.

It’ll be okay.

We can make it through these Junior Year Blues.