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I am sure many of you have had to climb the awful, rigorous, breathtaking (literally) Eisner stairs at one point in time here at Denison. Whether you are involved in theater in the Eisner center or you take walks to downtown Granville, the Eisner steps are unavoidable. However, don’t fear. I am here to tell you all my tips and tricks of surviving the Eisner stairs. 

The first thing you must have to do is accept that you are going up these stairs. Without acceptance, you’re going to make it up about fifteen steps. You have to climb them—and it won’t be easy. There is no such thing as a “pro” at the Eisner stairs. Whether this is your first semester at Denison or your sixth, it doesn’t get easier. People who climb it time and time again are people who have accepted it and therefore seem like they can seamlessly go up the stairs. But the truth is, we are all suffering; it’s just our outlook on it that gets us up there faster. Now, can you avoid the stairs? No, but you can go different routes and do certain things that will make you feel like it is not as bad. Here are some ideas:

  • Climb up the stairs until you find a bench on the side and sit down for a little while
  • Take the Cinema House/Bryant Arts stairs…less stairs but more intense.
  • Go into Bryant Arts Center and take the elevator that takes you to the Bryant stairs (the stairs are still awful to climb, but at least they’re not Eisner)
  • Go up with a friend and be so distracted by your conversation that you are already at the top of the hill in no time
  • Drive up… but we are stronger than that! We can do this!!!

So you’re probably thinking, which is the best option then? Well, it varies, but I would definitely take that break on the benches and look at the view of the pretty trees and downtown Granville if you can!

Will it get easier with time? I would love to sugar coat it but.. No. Let’s not forget our positive attitude, though! I would say you can put ‘exercise’ or ‘gym’ as a minor in your degree if you are constantly trekking up those stairs. By the time you make it up the stairs you’ll probably have to do it all over again soon, so let’s be cheerful, and we got this! 

Audrey Dersu

Denison '26

Sophomore at Denison University studying Cinema. Loves going on walks and listening to music