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Anna Schultz-Girl Sitting On Bed Facing Wall
Anna Schultz-Girl Sitting On Bed Facing Wall
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How To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

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If you struggle with decorating your dorm room and have a hard time making it feel like your own space at home, then this is the article for you. Here are some tips on how to work with your roommate to create a room that you both love and feel comfortable in.

Step 1: Color Scheme

Talk with your roommate about creating a color scheme for your room. Doing this will allow both of you to incorporate your favorite colors into your room. The key to this is being able to listen to what your roommate likes and coming up with something that fits both of you. Don’t think you have to stick to just one color. Adding multiple colors will make the room feel more vibrant. 

Step 2: Implementing This Color

Start with a neutral bed comforter, so that the room doesn’t seem too chaotic at the start. I always love to add fun decorative pillows and blankets that incorporate the colors my roommate and I chose. To add more of this color try getting storage containers or a storage cart of that color as well.

Another main focus is a rug. A rug can add so much color and make the room feel more like home. Along with this, my roommate and I this year added wallpaper to our dresser drawers to continue our color scheme

Step 3: Pictures and Decor

Another amazing aspect of continuing your color scheme or adding more colors is through pictures. I went onto Pinterest and created a board of pictures I would want to print out with Shutterfly and put up on our walls. I used a mix of pictures of myself and artwork I found on Pinterest. 

Light-up signs are another amazing way to add something bright and fun to your walls. And finally, my roommate and I created some paintings of our own on canvases that we hung up. When putting all these decorations together, your roommate and you can agree to put them up on all the walls so it doesn’t look divided. I also like to add fun jewelry containers or ring stands so it starts to feel less like a dorm room. 

Step 4: Sentimental Decorations 

I found that incorporating a few sentimental things into my room has allowed me to feel more comfortable. For example a stuffed animal, a quilt from home, or a jewelry container from home. Doing this will allow you to feel connections to your home bedroom.

Virginia lives outside of Philadelphia, PA and she is a first-year at Denison University. She is studying Education and Gender Studies and likes to discuss women's issues in society. You can find her studying or spending time with friends outside.
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