How Tik Tok Has Been Hurting but Helping Me

When I began to see ads for the new video-sharing app, Tik Tok, I thought of it as nothing more than just a rip-off of older social media sites like Musicl.y and Vine that have now been deleted. I thought the app looked ridiculous. I still think it is a rip-off of those older social media sites and I still think it’s a bit ridiculous, but now I am completely obsessed with it! And I think the whole world is starting to agree with me as well. As we are all dealing with quarantine and have nothing to do, millions of people across the world have been downloading the app to pass the time. That’s what I like about the app. You can find all sorts of different people and different types of videos that fit your taste and sense of humor. From dance, lifestyle, and humor, there are videos for everyone to enjoy. While a lot of celebrities have got on board joining Tik Tok, I very much appreciate a girl who said in one of her videos that Tik Tok is “for the common people”. Especially during times likes these we need to remember that we are not alone and there are people going through the same hardships that we are. Whether that is medically, economically, or mentally, a lot of people have been using the videos to talk about the current virus and how it is affecting them. Not only that, but some are using the app to add humor to their situation. I know when I see a funny video that I can relate to, it automatically puts me in a better mood. Sometimes I even send videos to my friends, which is a great way to reach out to others and start conversation! Tik Tok is a new way we can use the power of social media to connect and spread positivity, awareness, and laughter. I must admit, while this app has been a great distraction and enjoyable activity, it has often gotten in the way of productivity. And with online school and work, it is a lot easier to get distracted. If you are worried about Tik Tok taking up half of your day, set a time limit on the app! If you don’t, you can definitely send yourself down a rabbit hole of videos. Another tip I have is instead of spending hours scrolling through videos, try and make one of your own. Or do something that you see other people do on Tik Tok like bake, paint, or play a fun game with the people you are quarantining with. It can get your spark of creativity back! Don’t get me wrong, I know you are probably thinking this is silly and that I have gone a little crazy. I definitely have. But while Tik Tok can be a little ridiculous and restrict you from being productive, I think it can also be just the bit of ridiculousness we need right now.