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If there’s ever a weekend to go out at Denison, it’s Halloweekend. It’s the most fun weekend of the year both in and out of the party scene. You can bet there’s going to be parties from most if not all of the frats this weekend, plus the Sunnies and apartments. Whether you’re going hard or just finding chill things to do with friends, here’s a guide to a bunch of fun things you don’t want to miss this Halloweekend!


The costume game at Denison is generally pretty strong. You’ve got recognizable group costumes, funny costumes, sexy outfits, and people who go all out with crazy costumes and makeup. It’s half the fun just seeing what people have come up at parties. 

Last year, my friends and I went as the Teen Titans—I was Raven. This year, we’re doing Disney princesses and villains. You’ll see me as Anastasia. I know it’s not a Disney movie, but Disney technically owns the rights, so a blue sparkly dress, white opera gloves, and Russian bun will have to work.

I say, dress up, even if it’s something small or not very recognizable. Get into that Halloween spirit! Dig something out of your closet, or drop a few bucks at Spirit Halloween—There’s one 15 minutes away. Grab a bald cap and a suit jacket and do Pitbull. Whether it’s something so stupid it’s funny, or cute and sexy, dressing up is like the entire point of Halloween, so why not?

Haunted Library tours

I’m a little biased as I work at the Library, but the Haunted Library tour is such a cute tradition and a fun stop to do with friends as a fun hang-out before going out, or maybe as a chill night idea if you’re less into partying.

There’s movies, tarot card readings, and the library is decked out with themed decorations, spooky sound cues, and creepy ghost stories. Plus, you get to learn more about the Library, see some of the usually off-limits rooms (which are creepy even without the horror ambience), and go on the rooftop. If you’ve got an hour or two of free time this weekend, definitely check this out!

Burpee’s Halloween show

The Burpee’s only perform a couple times of year, and they are must-sees. Plus they perform in the graveyard, which is perfectly on-theme. Starting at Midnight on Friday, and going till one or two in the morning, sacrifice your sleep schedule to watch some improv. Since the show is outdoors, it’s easy to catch pieces of the show on the way to or coming from parties, and if you live in an apartment or West Quad, the walk is super close and easy!

Rocky Horror

Another annual event, like the Burpee’s Halloween show, the Denison Independent Theatre’s shadowcast of Rocky Horror Picture show is approximately two hours of the most fun you’ll ever have screaming at a movie. The dances are sexy and well-choreographed, and everyone goes all out in costumes and in character—it’s an entire production, and one you won’t want to miss. 

The dancers, actors, and tech have put in so many hours into making this a fun night. This event starts at midnight on Saturday, but I’d say go early if you want good seats. It fills up fast! If you do anything this Halloweekend, go see this!

With everything happening on campus, from spooky movie screenings, haunted Homestead, the Lambda haunted house, etc., I can’t cover all of them. Moral of the story, there’s so many fun things to do during Halloweekend with friends, alone, night or really early morning, to keep you in the spooky spirit. 

Sofia is a Second-Year at Denison University and Chapter Co-Correspondant. She is a Creative Writing major from Mississippi interested in a career in publishing. She loves reading and watching fantasy and sci-fi, listening to indie pop, and baking. She's also the proud owner of a black cat named Lucky.