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Ten songs for spring!

We heard it straight from Punxsutawney Phil himself spring is coming! At least that’s what I think it means when he doesn’t see his shadow I can never remember the difference. But according to Google, there are only forty-four days until Spring! All this to say, sad girl winter music is coming to an end. Now that the sun won’t be setting at 4 pm and going outside doesn’t just have to be running to the next warm building, it’s time to defrost the cottage core frolicing in the woods music. So here are five songs you need to add to your spring playlist this March. 

1.) Invisible String Taylor Swift 

So much of this song is spring-coded. “Green was the color of the grass where I used to read at Centennial Park.” There’s nothing more spring than reading outside. A cute love song for spring just makes sense.

2.) August Flipturn

By the name you might think this has to be a summer song but I promise this needs to be on your spring playlist. The only thing I can think of when I listen to this song is Sunset Drives in May when it’s just warm enough to roll down the windows.

3.) Another Story Head and the heart

Something about this song genuinely feels like de-thawing after winter. Sounds like ice melting and flowers growing. No explanation.

4.) Too Young to Burn 

This song just reminds me of sitting by an open window. And the sun! Which will finally be out in the spring!

5.) All that and more Rainbow Kitten Surprise 

This song reminds me so much of a bonfire on a warm night in the spring or barefoot in the grass. It needs to be in the playlist.

6.) Illinois Oliver Hazard

This song just feels like walking in the woods when it’s finally warm enough that’s all I have to say.

7.) Garden Song Caamp

If you don’t add any of these to your spring playlists make it this song. Caamp in general makes very spring-feeling songs but Garden Song in particular is the spring song. Also, nothing is more spring than a garden!

8.) Savannah Flipturn 

Even though this song is only one minute it needs to be on the spring playlist. It feels like watching a sunrise from your window that you left open all night.

9.) Spin Sumbuck 

“When we go out she takes me dancing!” Nothing more spring than dancing especially outside barfoot which is what this song sounds exactly like.

10.) Angelina Pinegrove 

This is THE Roll your windows down evening spring drive song. This song feels like when the grass is finally green and trees finally have leaves on them.

Ana Gerhardt

Denison '26

Ana Gerhardt is a sophomore Environmental Studies major at Denison. She is from Cincinnati Ohio and wants to go into environmental health after graduation. She loves being outside, and especially enjoys hiking and walking her dog Gus. She also really enjoys reading and spending time with her friends and family.