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EVEN MORE Female Alt Artists You Should Check Out (If You Haven’t Already)

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Fun and very obvious fact about me: I love music! And I love alternative/indie music most of all (though I’ll give nearly every other genre a chance). I’ve already written not one but TWO articles on this same subject, but here are a bunch of new female artists I’ve discovered since I wrote the last article!

  1. Chloe Lilac — really good New York indie pop that calls men the f*ck out! She’s also only eighteen or something and she’s insanely talented. She articulates feelings of frustration and articulation as well as Lili Trifilio does, but with more anger and edginess (if you can call it that LMAO). Favorite song: “WHO IS EMILY?”
  2. Silver Sphere — she’s since rebranded as her real name (which Sophie Cates), but her album “yikes!” as Silver Sphere is amazingly well done, especially because she self-produced it(????). More great music that calls men the f*ck out. Favorite song: “boys in bands”.
  3. Maude Latour — MORE self-produced indie pop that calls men out!!! I too see a pattern here. She’s also from New York!! She kinda sounds a lot like Olivia Rodrigo, so if you’re looking for Underground Olivia Rodrigo there you go. Favorite song: “Block Your Number”.
  4. Julia Jacklin — I got into her music way later than I should have, but better late than never!! Her album “Crushing” has a great range of emotions that she plays with. Favorite song: “Pressure To Party”.
  5. Hannah Jadagu –A rising artist from outside of Texas! Fun fact: She somehow knows the ex-girlfriend of this one guy I was in a talking stage with for four months. Crazy huh? He doesn’t know I know that ! ! ! ! ! Favorite song: “What Is Going On?”
  6. Now, Now — A guy and girl duo, but their music is fabulously mixed and mastered and they serve up some great queer power pop. Favorite song: “MJ”.
  7. The Beaches — Canadian girl group serving MORE power pop!!! So much freaking indie pop on this list. It’s good okay? Favorite song: “Highway 6”.
  8. Emiliána Torrini — Icelandic artist that I was just introduced to! I need to listen to more of her stuff, but the vibe I got from the one song of her’s that I’ve heard is freaking immaculate. Favorite song: “Tookah”.
  9. Nilüfer Yanya — soulful music from the UK! Her music also has great vibes/energy/emotions/etc. My favorite song: “Melt”.
  10. Miel — really well-produced music! Miel used to be an Internet comedian or something, so she went the Joji route. Good for her methinks. Favorite song: “Tourist Season”.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Go check em all out!

Hey there! I'm a Creative Writing major/aspiring scriptwriter from outside of Boston. I love to write, travel, listen to music, go to concerts, and nap. I still don't know what my spirit animal is.
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