Did I Accomplish my New Year’s Resolutions?

I make New Year’s Resolutions every year. It’s a thing I do. I understand that people don’t, and I understand why people don’t, but I like to set goals for myself. I made a few for this year, so let’s see if I actually accomplished any of them.

  1. Stop spending so much money -- Did not accomplish that. Hahahahaha.

  2. Work out more -- This did happen! I didn’t work out a lot more but it was definitely a marked improvement over last year. 

  3. Sell stuff -- I believe that I sold some clothes and a pair of headphones.

  4. Improve your makeup skills/routine -- I started wetting my beauty blender? I didn’t used to do that?? And using highlighter? I guess this counts.

  5. Find even more life-changing movies/music -- 100% did this! I found so much amazing music this year that I made a whole playlist for it. I watched fewer movies this year than last year, but my favorites were “Y Tu Mama Tambien”, “10 Things I Hate About You”, “Us”, and “It Part 1”. I hadn’t seen any of them until this year.

  6. Give less of a sh*t!!!! -- Still working on it. There were definitely moments this year when I gave all the sh*ts ever, so I’m not going to say I accomplished this one.

  7. Wear earrings more often?? Why not right -- Uhhhhh, nah, I still only wear earrings like once a month.

  8. Learn how to be more photogenic -- I didn’t put effort into this one.

  9. Go on more adventures/travel -- This happened! I went to Chicago, Paris, and a bunch of provincial towns in south France over the summer, and I definitely went on a few adventures this year.

  10. Be a good Junior Counselor at your summer camp -- This didn’t occur because I didn’t get hired back this year. I ended up making more money with my babysitting than I would have had I been employed there, but I still really missed it. 

  11. Write more plays!!! -- Did this! I was on campus over the summer doing summer research which was writing a full-length play, which I hadn’t done before. 

  12. Do well in your classes -- Happy to say that was accomplished.

  13. Be more grateful -- That’s something I can always improve, but I did work on being thankful for what’s in my life this year.

  14. Read more -- Didn’t do anywhere near as much as I would’ve liked, so nope, didn’t succeed here.

  15. Get tattoo and/or second lobe piercing -- Neither happened. 

  16. Become a better person -- You tell me if that worked out.


There were other resolutions too, but I omitted them because they were more personal than I’d like to share. So out of these 16, I can confidently say that I accomplished 8, which gives me a 50% resolution success rate. Which, ya know, could be worse, but could be better. Maybe I’ll be more motivated to accomplish my 2020 resolution, but I am proud of myself for setting goals and getting (some of) them done.