Big Time WHAT

I was today years old when I learned that Big Time Rush has just turned ten years old. On November 28, 2009 the first episode of Big Time Rush aired on Nickelodeon and I can’t stop asking myself, where has the time gone? I’m disappointed I missed the actual date that the first episode aired but what can I say? That’s the life of a college student. You’re so busy that you miss the important stuff, even Big Time Rush’s ten year anniversary. It was ten crazy years ago that Nickelodeon launched a show about a group of four friends who left Minnesota to go to LA and become a boy band. 

Ten short years ago Kendall, James, Logan and Carlos sung their way into the hearts of millions of young kids, including eight year old me. While many people of my generation may consider One Direction to be the boy band of the 21st century, Big Time Rush will always be the OG group to me. This TV show was a huge part of my childhood and I can’t imagine Nickelodeon without it. So what was the appeal for me? Maybe it was the fact that the boys were from Minnesota, or that it was one of the few shows that didn’t use a laugh track. Or maybe it was because it had the perfect balance between lighthearted comedy and memorable music 


I can’t explain why Big Time Rush is the show that reminded me that I’m getting old. Sure, Zoey 101 came out in 2005 and Hannah Montanna followed not long after in 2006, but it’s Big Time Rush’s teniversary that has reminded me that my childhood is quickly slipping away. It may seem dramatic but this has honestly reminded me that I’m a grown up and there’s nothing I can do about it. There’s a sense of comfort in the nostalgia of old TV shows and music, like Big Time Rush. I’m going to continue to embrace the things in my childhood that made me smile. I might be growing older but there are still things that can drag me right back into 2009, such as the opening ah ah ahhh ahhhhhh….