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1. Vampire

Starting off strong, I think there is so much you can do with this. Conservative or sexy, you decide! But I think everyone has clothing to make this work. Below are the essentials I’d recommend:

  • Red Lipstick

This would be ideal not only for your lips but to draw blood around your mouth and down your neck.

  • Black Clothing

This holds a lot of flexibility, but I think a black dress, black corset top and leather pants, or anything with black lace would be so cute. Feel free to pop a little red in there, too!

  • Dark Makeup

If you’re decent at makeup, black winged eyeliner and gray or black eye shadow would be a great touch.

  • Fangs

I’m guessing no one has a fake pair of fangs laying around, but if you’re willing to just spend a few dollars, I think fangs would be the cherry on top. Here is a cheap pair you could order last-minute.

2. princess

If you own any colored dress then you can totally make this work. My friends and I are all being Disney princesses this year, ranging from Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora (to name a few).

  • Dress

It can be of any length, and any color! Some cute colors would be yellow, purple, pink, or blue.

  • Heels (or not)

If you want the full princess effect, heels would be perfect. But, if you’re planning on going to parties with sticky floors and the risk of being stomped on, maybe resort to sneakers.

  • Makeup

Definitely grab your sparkly makeup! Highlighter, lip gloss, and lots of blush are definitely the way to go.

  • Crown

This is something you might have to buy off Amazon, so I linked a cheap one here. What’s a princess without a crown!

Halle Bailey as Ariel in the Little Mermaid

3. Athlete

This is arguably the easiest one, so if you don’t have these items then your wardrobe is in desperate need of a glow-up. It’s so easy that people might consider it lame, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

  • Jersey/Sports T-Shirt

If you don’t have one, then I’m sure a friend does (I think oversized is ideal).

  • Athletic Shorts or Spandex

It depends how short you want them to be (or moreover how cheeky you want), but either of these options would be a good tight option to contradict the baggy jersey.

  • Sneakers

Any kind of gym shoe or sneaker would do for this. Converse, Nikes, Hokas, whatever you’ve got.

  • Headband

I know headbands are SO ten years ago, but adding this will really emphasize the athleticism.

  • Ankle Socks

I think this outfit could be really cute with some white Nike ankle socks, or something along those lines.

  • Eye Black

I’m guessing most people don’t have this lying around, but spending a couple of bucks on Amazon for eye black would be a really good finishing touch on this costume.

4. Office/business woman

This is what I dressed up as last year on a whim. I went to a thrift store, found a button-down top and skirt, and voila! I looked like I jumped out of the TV from The Office.

  • Button-down Shirt

If you don’t already have one, this is an easy find at a thrift store, or even in a friend’s closet (just make sure you’re not wearing a $100 Eddie Bauer one to the frats).

  • Slacks or Skirt

Slacks would definitely make you look like an official businesswoman, but if you’re going for a sassier look (or one you won’t overheat in) try a plaid skirt.

  • Glasses

I was lucky enough to have my own real pair of glasses, but if you’re lucky enough to have 20/20 vision then I’m confident you can find a fake pair at a thrift store or an old pair of a friend.

  • Teacher Bun

This is the icing on the cake! Grab a handful of bobby pins or a claw clip, and put your hair up in the classic teacher bun.

5. popstar

Taylor Swift

Pick and choose whatever era you want! Wear a white dress and cowboy boots for Debut, a purple dress for Speak Now, or all black for Reputation (and there are so many more options… Pinterest is your best friend). Pop on some red lipstick, then all you need is Travis Kelce and you’re good to go!

Britney Spears

Throw it back to the early 2000’s and throw on some low-waisted boot cuts, a camisole tank or tube top, and some pumps or sneakers. Don’t forget to add some sparkly jewelry and makeup!

Billie Eilish

If you want to shoot for a comfier style, throw on a matching baggy sweat set and a puffer, or a baggy button-down and tie, or even a baggy tee and oversized boxer shorts. All of these are things that Billie has rocked, and you can, too! You could even add in a colored hair strip, and don’t forget the chunky sneakers.

billie eillish at the barbie premiere
Warner Bros

6. Barbie

You might be twinning with 100 other girls on campus, but if you really need an idea, Barbie would be adorable. Anything stylish that’s pink and purple is all you need.

  • Pink Clothes

You could do a pink dress, a pink skirt with a crop top, or bootcut jeans with a pink top. There are so many options… you just need pink (and preferably sparkles)!

  • High Ponytail

An easy-peasy detail that makes Barbie indistinguishable is her sky-high ponytail. Just quick slick back your hair and throw it up.

  • Bright Makeup

Don’t forget bright and sparkly makeup! Add highlighter, lip gloss, blush, and sparkly eyeshadow.

7. Cowgirl

This is another popular one, but it definitely allows for a lot of flexibility and availability to add your own spice to it.

  • Jeans

Duh! Everyone has a pair of jeans. If you really want the full effect, pull out some flares and that’ll do the trick.

  • Boots

I understand not everyone has a pair of cowboy boots, but I’m sure you can find a friend to borrow from. If not, wear the closest things you have to clunky shoes, like combat boots, Uggs, etc.

  • Flannel Shirt

Definitely top this off with a long-sleeve flannel or a leather vest. Plaid is essential!!

  • Braids/Pigtails

You’re not a cowgirl with your hair down. Put it up in pigtails or braids! Everyone looks cute in them.

  • Belt

Cowboys and cowgirls often rock thick brown belts that add to the Western vibe. Add on a belt if you really want to floor people.

  • Cowboy Hat

This is definitely the hardest thing to find if you’re not lucky enough to already have one. If you don’t have a friend to borrow from or can’t find one at a thrift store, I’ve linked one here.

8. Spy/Black cat/Witch

All three of these things just require black clothing. Whip out those leather pants for a spy, a black dress for a witch, and leggings and a black long-sleeve for a cat. These outfits are all pretty interchangeable, especially with some black boots.

  • Dark Makeup

Make sure to wear black eyeliner, and draw on a wart or whiskers. Make sure to use black lipstick and dark eyeshadow, too!

  • Accessories

I don’t think any of these are completely necessary, but if you want the whole effect, then I found some cheap cat ears, black sunglasses, and a witch hat to make your costume even better.

Carly Young

Denison '26

Carly is a sophomore at Denison University from Arlington Heights, Illinois. She is a psychology major and Spanish minor, and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Some of her passions include movies and TV, music, baking/cooking, shopping, reading, travel, and dogs.