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6 Ways to Show Gratitude Beyond Saying “Thank You”

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Denison chapter.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I am once again in a reflective space thinking about all that I am grateful for. I am so grateful to attend Denison, a place that has brought me my best friends and many academic and extracurricular opportunities. I am so grateful to have such a supportive family who has provided me with all the resources that have bettered me socially, athletically, academically, and creatively. I’m grateful for fuzzy socks and uggs and pretty sunsets and good music and I could go on and on and on. 

I’ve spent every year reflecting on what I am grateful for and thanking the people closest to me for all that they do for me. I believe there is a lot of value in showing gratitude verbally, but my hope is to inspire some other ways to demonstrate gratitude to your loved ones or even strangers. 

Write a Letter!

I don’t know if this is just me, but I absolutely love receiving letters. In fact, I have a stash of birthday cards that I have been collecting since my early teens. There’s something so special about a handwritten message. It’s something that the receiver can look back on during a bad day, and it is something that can be cherished for years. 

Hide a sticky note in a place you know someone will look!

The messages can be as specific or vague as possible, but they are guaranteed to make someone smile. It’s easy to do and can be applicable to anyone. Leave one on your roommate’s desk, on your mom’s car keys, or on a random car’s windshield. 

Send Pictures, Book Recommendations, Recipes, etc.!

This is such an easy way to let people know that you care and are thinking about them. Not only that, but it shows that you care to remember little things about them – their likes, interests, sense of humor, hobbies, and more. 

Buy Someone a Book You’d Think They’d Enjoy! 

As someone who loves to read, I love talking about recent books I’ve read to my family members who also love to read. I love to gift books to people, especially ones I’ve enjoyed because it can become a very personal gift. I always love to write a message on the front page and sometimes I like to add little post-it notes to indicate my favorite parts of the book. 

Bake Someone Their Favorite Dessert! 

As a college sophomore, I do not have access to my own kitchen, so I will be taking full advantage of my kitchen at home. I love to bake my grandparents a batch of chocolate chip cookies; such a delicious way to show gratitude! It can be personalized, too, and you can give a little to everyone important in your life. 

Ask to Spend Quality Time with Someone!

Whether this is a walk, watching a movie, baking, or going out to lunch, asking someone to do something special is a great way to show you care and are grateful for spending time with a loved one. 

So, as you sit back and think about what you’re thankful for, think about ways that you can show your gratitude. And don’t let it stop there. Just because Thanksgiving is a one-day holiday doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to express gratitude. Keep it up for the rest of the year! 

Hi! My name is Megan Broderick, and I am a sophomore at Denison University studying psychology and neuroscience. I love to write in my free time, especially about topics I am passionate about or topics that pique my interest. I love hanging out with my friends, family, and dogs, listening to music, and enjoying the outdoors!