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With thousands of new listicles popping up every day in the land of Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour about things I don’t really care about, I think it’s about time for a list of listicles that I could actually use in my everyday life. I give you: 5 listicle ideas that I could actually find useful.

  1. 10 Ways to Keep My Boyfriend from Losing Weight Faster than Me

Let’s be real, ladies. I’m sick and tired of my significant other eating like he’s in a hot dog eating contest every day but still be able to hide behind a telephone pole. But, I eat everything correctly and exercise daily, but I still look like a wooly mammoth stocking up for the Ice Age. I just want one trick to keep my boyfriend from losing pant sizes where I just lose my favorite Lulu’s at the gym.

2.10 Things to Do to Not Eat the Entire Fridge When I Get Home

Like, I am so sure that I could be so much more productive with my life when I get home from work, but I always go straight to the refrigerator. Just help. Please.

3. 10 Microwave Dishes that Don’t Taste Like the Last Thing I Microwaved

I like to think I’m a pretty busy lady. That being said, my cooking habits don’t go much further than the microwave. Yesterday, I was attempting to make some nice micro-mac, but it tasted like Tuesday’s leftover Chinese. So, please, help me make food in the microwave that won’t require me to clean it out every time I use it.

4. 10 Netflix Shows that Will Actually Empower Me to Get My Butt Out of My Bed

I spend too much time watching Netflix, so why not find a show that actually makes me want to go do the things they’re doing?! But, it needs to be realistic. Like, yeah, I would love to be able to go in my kitchen and whip up something that sounds like an Italian man sneezed, but, like I said before, I can only use the microwave. Keep it simple.

5. 10 Listicles to Write When You Can’t Think of a Listicle to Write

Looks like I just found my articles for the next two months.


I hope these find you in good taste and inspire you to write. I truly need answers. Please and thank you.

Brooke Stiles

Denison '18

Brooke is a sophomore at Denison University, studying Communication and Sociology/Anthropology. As a fashion fanatic and Broadway binger, she loves being a part of the Her Campus team! At Denison, Brooke is the music director for her acapella group, DUWop, and is a leader for various volunteer groups on campus. She has interned for GlamSalad.com and photographed with designers like Liv Schreiber, founder of Latico by Liv. When she isn't busy (but let's face it, she always is!), Brooke loves hanging out with friends, watching Gossip Girl for the bazillionth time, and snuggling with her puppers. After graduation, Brooke hopes to work in Public Relations for Broadway's best and brightest. Follow Brooke on Instagram at @brookexxrose and @dont.shutter!
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