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3 Reasons to Take a Class Outside of Your Comfort Zone

By Caroline Telisha

1.     You meet new people

Speaking from experience, this semester I took an extremely random 1 credit recreational sports class where I met 8 complete strangers of all class years. Coming back from abroad was super overwhelming and this class allowed me to meet new people whom I would have probably never interacted with before.

2.     You learn to laugh at yourself

Basketball… Remember gym class in high school and being forced to play a sport that you were terrible at? Well this sport is basketball for me. The 8 other boys in my class are all tall and extremely skilled in basketball. Then there was me: 5’6, and couldn’t make in a foul shot. Not only did I learn to laugh at myself, but everyone was very encouraging and made me feel like a superstar. It’s actually a really fun sport but sorry to whoever was on my team and would throw the ball to me.

3.     It’s FUN

At first I thought I was going to hate this class. I didn’t know anyone and the only other girl in the class dropped. I was completely out of my comfort zone and playing sports that I told myself I would never have to play again. After getting to know the other guys in the class, it was actually fun. When I’m having a very stressful day, the class lightens my mood and in some way lets me release that tension. I have never so laughed so hard in a class (usually at myself) and felt completely comfortable with these guys whom I just met a month ago. 



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