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Valentine’s Day Plans for Single People: A Guide

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As February creeps its way into our calendars and local shops paste heart-shaped confetti on their window panes, we begin to realise the inevitable: Valentine’s Day is approaching. But for us, the single people, this is not a matter of worry, right? All we do on Valentine’s Day is watch cheesy romcoms while eating ice cream and silently crying ourselves to sleep. We have our plans sorted.

But I think we deserve better. In 2022, we are not weeping over our dating lives but celebrating self-love!


How you perceive yourself is how you want others to perceive you as well. If you see yourself as unworthy of love and care, you will never be able to appreciate and understand the love that you get from others. Internal love manifests external affection. Before hurrying on to another relationship to get over your insecurities and self-doubts, it is extremely important to have a healthy, loving relationship with yourself first. 

Here are some activities you can take part in to learn and practice self-love this Valentine’s Day:

A Romantic Walk: It is time to put on those hiking shoes and take yourself out for a walk around the neighborhood. Not only it is physically healthy to get your body moving, but it is also mentally liberating to explore new spaces around your hometown. And while you are out there, grab a yummy ice cream- because you deserve it!

A Relaxing Bath: Light up those candles, start your playlist and add those essential oils to the tub because you are going to have the most soothing bath ever. After the walk, you deserve to relax your body and simply rest in your bathtub. Give your skin some royal treatment because you have a beautiful day ahead of you.

Brunch Time: Make a plan with your friends and try out the new brunch place in town. Have some scrumptious food, gossip to your heart’s content and make good memories. While this is not a solo activity, hanging oit with friends can remind you that there is not only one kind of love; platonic love and friendships are significant to a fulfilling life.

An Hour For You: Take up that hobby you have been procrastinating. Pick up your colours and draw ugly flowers. Look up recipes and finally bake that pie. Buy those orchids and plant them in your garden. These might not be productive in the capitalistic world but such activities are food for your soul; they nourish you.

Go on a Date: Yes, you read that right. This is a solo date. And don’t forget to dress up! Remember, this can be anything you have been wanting to try but were daunted by the idea of trying alone. Watch a movie or try the new restaurant downtown. Buy yourself some flowers, have a hearty meal and enjoy!


What we see in popular media is not an accurate depiction of real life. Not all of us get the Prince Charming who sweeps us off our feet. But again, not all of us need a significant other. Life doesn’t end after the ‘Happily Ever After’ crafted by final ‘true love’ kisses. it’s a journey. And in this journey, we need to keep replenishing our love for those around us and more importantly, for ourselves. No matter what movies tell you, romantic relationships are not the ideal way of living. Love is important but do not forget that it can exist without you being in a relationship. You do not have to be showered by thousands of commercially acquired rose petals to experience love in its true form.

In fact, here are some ways you can acknowledge actual love this Valentine’s Day:

  • Call your parents – Talk to them and you will be reminded of how much you matter to those who love you.
  • Volunteer at your nearby orphanage – There are many out there who have been starved of love and affection. Do your part to spread some smiles.
  • Adopt a pet – If you have a pet, you already know about this kind of love (and how you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!).
  • Send flowers to your old teacher – It means a lot to people when you remember and acknowledge their kindness.

This Valentine’s Day, we need to remember the power of love more than ever before. The human race has been through a lot. You have been through a lot. Take this day to be grateful for all that has made life bearable. 


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Yashica (she/her) is an undergraduate based in Delhi, India. A student of Lady Shri Ram College for Women, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. Her poetry has been published by Sapphic Writers, The Red Megaphone, AsianZine, and The Write Order. She is also the coordinator of the creative writing society of her college. While she briefly worked as a content writer, she usually finds herself writing about the grotesque realities of the human psyche and society. Her work ranges from horror fiction to confessional poetry. She also writes about Dalit issues and her experiences as a member of the queer community.
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