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Valentine’s Day is recognized, in this world of violence and scorn, as a gentle wind of devotion spreading adoration and friendship. It is intended to be a day when we show our affection, warmth, and care for our friends and family. And on such an occasion, things like flowers are crucial, with each color symbolizing a different mood and feeling. On Valentine’s Day, heart-shaped flowers, gifts, chocolates, and greeting cards are the most effective methods to communicate love.

It is often regarded as a worldwide event honoring the sense of devotion. Although, this day is significant for reasons other than being a day for sweethearts. It is one where we express and share our feelings with everyone. But honestly, this day is just considered a holiday that singles (not unlike myself) all over the world despise. Valentine’s Day is associated with loneliness and self-pity for people who are not in a relationship. I believe that as college students, we lay greater emphasis on schoolwork and social activities above romantic relationships. Despite the fact that long-term committed partnerships are uncommon at college, Valentine’s loneliness/self-pity is not absent.

Therefore, instead of moping and lamenting about not having a romantic connection with your spouse or having thoughts about going on dates and getting pampered this Valentine’s Day, why not take the initiative and make it a point to love yourself to the utmost? Consider this day as an excellent opportunity to practice self-love and self-care.

Begin by developing a list of everything you appreciate about yourself. You might also consider what achievements make you proud of yourself. Remind yourself of these things throughout the day, especially if you experience any negative emotions. Finally, be creative and create an affirmation in which you acknowledge your value and emphasize the necessity of taking care of and appreciating yourself on Valentine’s Day and every day.

Firstly walk away from your electronics and spend some time in nature or doing something you like, such as painting, reading, or yoga, to disconnect and focus on yourself while tapping into some tranquility.

You don’t have to wait for someone else to give you something pleasant for Valentine’s Day – you can treat yourself! Invest in new clothing, jewelry, a great lunch, or anything else that will make you feel special.

Writing yourself a love letter is one of the most creative and memorable ways to show yourself some love on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or lengthy; only a few sentences expressing how much you love and cherish yourself. Save this letter somewhere secure so that you may refer to it anytime you need a pick-me-up.

Make time for yourself and do something you like. Make a spa appointment, take a soothing bath, or read your favorite book. Massages are not only extremely soothing; they may also assist to decrease stress, enhance circulation, and alleviate muscular tightness.

Maybe spend some time considering how thankful you are for everything in your life, large and little. This exercise can aid in the development of sentiments of self-love and appreciation.

This day is about affection so why not make it a point to distribute the love around yourself? On this Valentine’s Day, do something that will make others around you happy. Make something for the tiny children around you who have no one to look after them. And perhaps a person can pay a visit to an advanced-age homes and work on anything for old people who do not have anyone left on the earth to call their own. Valentine’s Day is associated with showing and sharing your affection and doing things that make someone feel loved. And thus, I believe that the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is to spread love.

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A Healthcare Management student at Jesus and Mary College. As a nineteen-year-old Mansha would play her part in the world which is like a stage and then write about it. She can never get bored of reading, writing and watching ROM – COM movies.