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The Whats, Whys and Hows of Sustainable Fashion

The art of sustainability is immensely needed in the world of melting glaciers and increasing global warming. 

Sustainable development means developing in a way that prevents the resources from getting exhausted so that future generations can continue enjoying them. It is a must need in every walk of life, be it environment or fashion. 

I know that right now, you are wondering how sustainability can be applied in the fashion industry. Let me help you, I have some extremely easy ethical fashion consumption ideas. For most of us who love fashion, it might sound tricky, but please bear with me!

As an individual identity, there are two ways to contribute to the sustainable art of wearing. The First can be by practicing nudity and the second one which will be definitely, the more preferred way is by extending the life of our clothes.

So here, I have some easy and simple steps by which you can extend the life of your clothes:


I would suggest this as the first step for extending wardrobe life. Cheap clothes are worn out early after 1 or 2 washes, and that will lead you to buy new clothes every time, but trust me, if you invest in higher-quality pieces, it will save your effort and money in the long run too.


This is the easiest step. You can utilize the clothes kept in your wardrobe that are untouched for a long time and avoid buying new extra clothes that you don’t need. If we all kept clothing in use for just 9 more months, we could easily reduce carbon emissions and water waste by 20-30%! Yes, it is true, your clothing can affect nature.


It's extremely saddening that most of our country is increasingly doing things to show off. In clothing that means clothes are being thrown out before they are worn out. Stop trashing clothes, instead, you can donate or easily get them recycled. Right now, there are thousands in need of a piece of cloth. 


Instead of spending all your money on new clothes, get the trendy clothing pieces from second-hand stores available online. There are a plethora of second-hand clothing stores like Bombay Closet Cleanse, Copper Boom Vintage, Curated Findings, etc. So, get, set, and go.

If every person in the world substituted just one new cloth from their wardrobe with a second-hand cloth, we could together prevent 6 billion pounds of carbon emissions.

Thrifting is the easiest, best, and trendiest way of giving the fashion industry a new makeover. It is time to remind ourselves that just like us, clothes also don’t need to be young to be beautiful. Age is just a number. 

If you still don’t agree with me, I will recommend you to watch a documentary named, True Cost. It can prove to be life-changing and can provoke you to change your approach in deciding your closet. Second-hand clothes are going to prove themselves as the second chance for the planet!

I hope this has been a helpful read for all your sustainable fashion needs. Become the Fashionista whose BFF is a Thrift Store!


I am a confident speaker with an irresistible affinity for stage and the zest to write. Currently pursuing History Honours from Miranda House, University of Delhi. I am an opinionated bird from the holy city of Varanasi who has been in love with exploring and learning about culture and heritage from the very beginning. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/shambhavi.singh.31149359 Twitter - https://twitter.com/shambhavi0309?s=09 Instagram - www.instagram.com/tranquil_hustle
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