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What Should I join? Breakdown Of Clubs And Societies On Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

College life is one of the most fascinating phases of a student’s life. It provides a plethora of opportunities to fulfil and explore all that we dream of during our school days. Throughout our school life, most of us face several inhibitions that prevent us from becoming the best versions of ourselves. Since college life is a time of self-discovery, one must not be restricted to only studying their favourite subjects under their degree programmes. College is that stage in our lives where we must turn a blind eye to the tags and judgements of others, and just be ourselves. It is the best time of our lives when we can develop self-confidence and give a boost to our overall personality development by choosing to be a part of several endeavours. 

Among all the multitude avenues available at campus, the one that appeals the most to all the freshers is joining a college club. The best thing about getting associated with a college society is that students get a chance to decide which one to join according to their own innate interests and passion. But the question is what exactly is a college club? Well, don’t worry we have got you all covered!

A college club is a group of like-minded individuals who socialize and connect with each other. They have common interests and support each other in their collective learning. DU offers a wide array of clubs on most of its college campuses. They can be divided into three broad categories:

Academic clubs

They are the most popular clubs in any college. Becoming a part of these clubs help students in diving into the intricacies and complexities of economics, management, finance, consulting, etc. They are usually based on a particular field of study and ensure the application of one’s intellectual knowledge. For example, if you’re studying economics, you may find an active economics society/club within your college. These clubs can provide a greater benefit to a degree seeker because they help students in connecting and socializing with other pupils in the same course. Such clubs also help enhance our leadership skills, hone the ability to communicate well and foster character building.

Social clubs

If you’re eager to make a difference in society, then a club focused on serving others might be the perfect match for you. There are various community service clubs primarily dedicated to children, senior citizens, animals, etc. These clubs help in bringing together a diverse network of students with a shared mission to tackle the myriad kinds of social issues affecting certain sets of the population. These clubs help in the development of creating a sense of social service among the students.

Cultural clubs

Would you love to see yourself as a thespian? Do you love quizzing, dancing or debating? If yes, fret not, a club for the arts might be just the right choice for you. These clubs are a fun outlet for someone who loves artistic genres. They include a variety of cultural societies ranging from debating, dancing, singing to quizzing. These societies consistently organize various competitions, which help their respective students to get out of their comfort zone. They help students gain exponential skills and confidence. The cherry on the top is that if you are pursuing an Arts degree, then becoming a part of this group can help you expand your professional contacts as well as your skills in an area about which you are passionate. Students who are from other majors can also benefit from these clubs as they help them discover their artistic interests and an opportunity to explore other fields.

College life can become more memorable if we become part of these clubs and grow ourselves. They have been a constant source of upskilling their members. Becoming a part of these initiatives can help one in bringing laurels for their clubs and for their career too. At the end of the day, there will be constant opportunities to enjoy college social life, if we put ourselves out there in these endeavours.

Tannu Khandelwal

Delhi North '23

A quirky, creative and a very shy girl pursuing her sophomore year in economics at Hansraj College. Love researching and writing in the intersection of policy and social issues. Writing is my all time passion and an always go to in the leisure time.