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Girl And Boy Chillin
Girl And Boy Chillin
Lexi Tokarski / Her Campus
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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

‘Sex’ is the process that has prevented homo sapiens from extinction, but they are hesitant to talk about it or even mention the word in their speech. This scenario might not be perfectly true all over the world, but we may encounter it frequently in different societies. I must clarify the fact that I do not attempt to be the ‘KJo’ in your life and dissect your sexual life. It is a subset of our personal life and it is entirely our choice to talk (or not) about it.

What I hope to convey in this article is that there are several aspects where talking about this topic without hesitation becomes mandatory.


Recent trends reveal an alarming rise in the country’s population while the resources for survival are still scarce. The only way to remedy this rise is by imparting sex education as well as the importance of family planning to the people. We discover adults are quite reluctant to talk about these subjects to budding teenagers. This can lead to various consequences, like teenage pregnancies, etc., which can be avoided by educating them about the same. Teenage often hampers the judgement of right and wrong. Getting close to the opposite sex may become a matter of concern for parents. Parents and siblings can be their best guides only if they convey their apprehensions clearly to them. They must get an insight into what exactly they should be careful about to avoid unforeseen situations and should be educated about the importance of ‘consent’ and the appropriate age for sexual intercourse. 

The repercussions on health and career should also be brought to their notice rather than ‘societal shame,’ which might sound more logical to families sometimes.  


A common stereotype in society is ‘Men have needs.’ I perceive sex to be a mutual act between a male and female and there is nothing gender-specific about it. However, society awards a character certificate to every individual where eligibility criteria claim women must keep silent on such topics. Here, I repeat, it may not be universal but quite common, women are taught to not be too expressive when it comes to their sexual desires. I consider this ideology to be false, as women do have their own sexual fantasies and interests and should not be ashamed when they express them.


I don’t perceive virginity to be a basis for judging the character of someone. There is a popular debate regarding whether sex before marriage is morally acceptable. In my opinion, as long as consenting individuals are indulging in a sexual act and are comfortable with each other, it is completely acceptable. 

Moreover, casual hookups should be normalised too if the participating individuals are consenting. Your virginity should never be a criterion for your character certification.

As I approach the conclusion of my article, I would like to say that people unreasonably consider sex as a malign act when it really is ‘a’ symbol of love.

PS: The inverted commas enclosing a imply that sex is one of the symbols and not the only symbol of love. Hence, it is righteous if the individuals involved in the act together consent to it. It is an act of pleasure too, as long as the two are comfortable. Everything should be a matter of choice and none should be judged upon that!

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