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Martin Luther King once said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” This definition of a riot seems incomplete to me because it reveals only one side of the coin, i.e., it sheds light only on those who execute these riots and not the ones who become victims of such tumults. Therefore, it becomes important that we take into consideration the voice and language of both parties.

Technically, riots are a form of civil disorder involving a group lashing out in public violence against authority, property or people. Riots are common in almost every country that houses a great diversity of communities. I recently came across news of a riot near my place and when I realized the violence and bloodshed, I was extremely disheartened. This evoked the desire in my heart to learn the actual cause behind such riots and how can they be avoided.

My research yielded dissent and grievance as the major causes. So, if a certain community or group of like-minded individuals introduce something and it isn’t accepted at large, such as any legislation, a celebration, or something that offends their sensibilities, people opt to express their outrage or disagreement through violent demonstrations. People usually justify their actions on the pretext of having the right to protest. However, it cannot be disputed that these protests cause property damage and might endanger people’s lives.

To prevent such destruction, people need to stop looking at themselves just as a part of a particular community but also perceive themselves as a citizen and, most importantly, as human beings. Political leaders and influencers should stop using religion and caste as a weapon to gain votes, creating communal boundaries. Even if individuals need to express themselves, they should do it through peaceful protests rather than through violence, which just breeds hatred for that community and reduces their stake in society.

Looking at the destructive side of riots reveals heavily the miseries people endure. Hence, my appeal to humankind would be to respect each other’s opinions and feelings and not hurt each other while expressing them. Violence just pushes a peaceful society into the arms of destruction and inhumanity. Therefore, let’s all vow to indulge in peaceful protests while expressing our dissent, putting forth our arguments, and endorsing our convictions. For a riot yields no good and does good for none.

Adaa Gupta

Delhi North '24

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