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Unbreakable Threads: The Heartfelt Impact Of Male Friendships In My Life

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

“Ek ladka or ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte!” (A girl and a guy can never be friends)

This old cliched Bollywood statement may not be as responsible for setting false narratives about a girl and a guy being friends as the society we live in is. The stereotypes set by the populace are still prevalent in modern times where a sincere friendship is perceived as a rumoured relationship by people. However, I don’t intend to oppose someone’s stance here. Rather, my article is dedicated to the role my male friends have played in adorning my life. This piece is purely based on personal experiences and I acknowledge that everyone has their own subjective experiences which may not be similar to mine.

I was in the 11th standard when I bumped into my current set of guy friends and this bunch has my whole heart! I was living a peaceful life until they entered and filled it with adventure, chirpiness, and affection. From convincing my parents for outings to protecting me from impending dangers, from sending my distressed soul into an endless cycle of giggles and laughter to pulling my leg in any situation, they can do it all! Their kookiness knows no bounds. One example of the same which might give my readers a good laugh was how they planned a drama for my imaginary wedding which entitles me with everything- my desired luxurious life, the freedom to live on my terms, and the man of my dreams!

On any given occasion, five minutes into a phone call with them, I find myself smiling while abandoning all my worries. They are indeed my unpaid therapists! Thousand in a million times, they ask me to introduce them to a girl only to reject my choice ultimately. Aware of my tendency to overlook someone’s ill intentions, they always sense them on time and make me aware of it.

The space to have a platonic relationship with them makes life comforting. I can always meet them with my hair smeared in oil and tied up in a messy bun or wearing an old tee while laughing my loudest without any fear of judgment, expressing my unfiltered self. The only anxiety, however, is getting recorded in my quirkiest version and ending up on my love interest’s feed, haha. Them complimenting my semblance sounds like an inconceivable thought to me. Therefore, my only way of analyzing their opinions about it is through their degree of upfront censure. Yes, that’s their way of doing it!

Thoughtless gestures make our friendship the most beautiful. There are no fixed obligations of phone calls but whenever we talk, it is always with the same affection and love. We roast each other without any offense but if any one of us minds, we also make an effort to pacify them in sweetest ways. Their presence makes me feel protected as I don’t have to fret about anyone or anything. They’re my go-to people and they always carry a quick fix to all my troubles. My parents can always rely on them whenever I wish to hang out with them. Even my boyfriend doesn’t get envious of them because he is conscious of the fact that they are my best friends and they would never part ways with me. 

Their friendship has brought warmth, love, and happiness into my life and this makes me prompt the famous Bollywood dialogue, ‘Unki dosti mei sukoon hai!’, meaning there is peace in their friendship.

Adaa Gupta

Delhi North '24

Hey! Being a simple girl, I just try creating a content through which people could relate to me. I attempt to use normal language to keep my readers engaged and satisfied:)