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I would appeal to my readers to take a quick trip down memory lane and recollect the time when we used to write 100 words essays on the subject ‘MY MOTHER.’ Lately, I’ve been able to realize the fact that as we grow up, we write or speak about diverse subjects. Amidst them, we overlook subjects that are close to our hearts and fail to acknowledge the efforts of our precious ones. One such precious person in my life is my mother. I’ve been posting content revolving around numerous themes and issues which were essential to be brought to people’s attention. But this time, I undertake the pleasure of writing about the woman to whom I not only owe my existence but also the one who is the sculptor of my soul.

To talk about how I perceive her, she seems to me an unpretentious and humble lady who remains engrossed in her world (i.e., her family). On her face, I sometimes catch the glimpse of that ambitious girl who wanted to accomplish a lot but lost her identity somewhere in her marriage veil and sacred fire. However, when I look into her divine eyes, it appears to me as if she encounters that lost girl in me.

My mother is one of those women who was flying high in the sky before she came into the institution of marriage, which slashed her wings forever. To keep it simple, she had to sacrifice all her dreams for the so-called ‘happiness of her family.’ She gave it all up in the aspiration of a loving family and husband but little did she know that love is not all that you need to remain happy. Today, she doesn’t appear to be pleased with her decision because she could never earn the respect and achieve the contentment she desired for. However, she grabbed this as her learning from life and imparted the same to me. She knows the cost of giving up on her aspirations and thus wants me to seize all I yearn for and build a promising career for myself. Moreover, she suggests I find someone who will support and stand by me on this beautiful journey of life. And from here, I acquire the most significant trait of my personality: being passionate and ambitious towards my goal.

She is a merciful and compassionate woman but is well acquainted with the fact that not every faux pas is worth forgiving. From here, I inherit my forgiving nature which compels me to let go of a fight easily for the sake of a relationship. But I pretty much remember the distinction as to which mistakes are not worth forgiving. I get that fun-loving and chill vibe from my mom, which adds spice to both of our personalities. I have come to ascertain that she discovers her joy with me. Speaking for myself, she is my treasured partner for shopping, watching dramatic daily soaps, gossiping about people we meet, and many more things which I can’t even count on my fingers. As my go-to person, I need to keep her up to date on all my life’s events.

She is an affectionate woman who treats her loved ones with all her heart, a quality that I inherited from her. She does not know the subjects I am pursuing or any work that I undertake, be it speeches, articles, etc., yet she is my moon in the dark. Whenever she finds me stuck anywhere, she is always there to help me in whatever way she can, be it helping me revise my notes, helping me with my rehearsals or proofreading my articles. She can do it all!

I admire this woman whose womb nurtured me before my birth and whose soul did after my birth. I may have inherited my appearance from my father, but I am proud to say that I have inherited my soul from my wonderful mom. I know she will leave no stone unturned to support me and I promise her that I will leave no stone unturned to give her all the happiness she deserves in her life. Thank you so much, mom for playing all the roles for me—my partner, my best friend, my mentor, my guide and lastly my God. I owe everything I’ve earned and will earn in the future to you. I wish you stay forever with me.

Adaa Gupta

Delhi North '24

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