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Late-Night Talks & Laundry Loads: Discovering Myself In The Hostel Crucible

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The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

In the heart of the bustling chaos that defines the college experience, there exists a unique serenity within the walls of the hostel I call home. For me, half of the college life has revolved around hostel mates. A year of coexistence with 170+ diverse humans has transformed this shared residence into a microcosm of experiences, sacrifices, and personal growth. 

Everyone who arrived at the hostel came with an unspoken understanding; that sacrifices would be an integral part of our daily routine. Whether it’s enduring long queues for the mess or adhering to the strict time curfews, these sacrifices become communal living’s hidden costs. Yet, within this symphony of shared inconveniences, a peculiar silence prevails, a testament to the unique tapestry of relationships woven within these walls. 

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Navigating the intricate web of human connections, I found myself seamlessly exploring different friend circles. It’s a social dance where the rhythm of friendships and alliances change with the seasons, reflecting the fluidity of our collective experiences. As I immersed myself in this dynamic environment, my identity began to crystallize. The shared laughter, late-night conversations, and shared victories and defeats molded my friends and me into distinct beings. The hostel, which initially seemed like a physical structure, now transformed into a crucible where my character was forged, preparing me to be an individual with unique stories to share.

I reside in a women’s hostel. Thus, when we sit down to drape each other’s sarees, it truly reflects a collective experience of womanhood. I vividly recall that during my first year, I was the only one who knew the intricacies of draping a saree. This skill turned me into the ‘go-to’ person for many seniors. I remember everyone eagerly donning their ‘sister hat,’ pouring heartfelt effort into ensuring that each of them looked their best. The endless list of compliments served as a silver lining to it!

The shared challenges like not having a working microwave or a bad internet connection and triumphs like being offered ten packets of chips when you only need one, create a powerful bond. Amidst the chaos, a profound sense of unity and understanding emerges. For me, the hostel is no longer just a place to reside; it has evolved into a living entity that bears witness to the birth of lifelong friendships, the evolution of narratives, and the creation of memories that will stand the test of time. It is a sanctuary where the ebb and flow of life finds a rhythm of its own. The concept of being alone has gradually lost its allure as the joy of sitting with my friends has become a cherished ritual, a refuge from the demands and pressures of academic life. 

The stress of living alone in a new city and academics vanishes as I enter a room of quirky discussions and half-asleep eyes! You build a tribe of individuals who assure and support you at every step of your college life. They resonate with the unspoken understanding, the shared laughter, and the collective heartbeat of a community that has become more than just cohabitants- it has become a family. You are proud of your successes and laugh at your failures, assuring each other that next semester will be a blast!

Anoushka Purohit

Delhi North '25

Anoushka Purohit is a Chapter Member at the Her Campus North Delhi Chapter and a part of the Editorial team. Her writing interests range from politics, society, to talking about individuality and asking questions about life in general. Beyond Her Campus, she is a second year Political Science student of Indraprastha College For Women. She contributed as editor and interviewer for an online community page called Humans of Bhubaneswar and also worked as the head of social media for a climate awareness organisation called Fridays For Future, Odisha. Her reading interests can be identified by the number of classics she hoards as well the unique literature which finds space in her bookshelf. Her leisure time is purely dedicated to reading, dancing and attending music concerts. Apart from that, she considers herself to be a die hard rock fan and a metalhead.