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Teenage is one of the most remarkable phases in everybody’s life. It is the time when you experience your first crush, discover new things about yourself and commit some blunders that help you learn more about life. These experiences make this crazy phase memorable, creating all the difference in life.

The teenage period, however, can also seem a little confusing. Especially in scenarios where you’re expected to be mature like an adult and restrictions are imposed on you like a child. No one can deny that parents are our only well-wishers who can guide us appropriately at every stage of our life. However, during this point in our lives, we find ourselves clashing with them frequently.

The fragile minds of teenagers call for parents to present their opinions calmly after they learn both sides of the story. In view of the same, I would like to share some experiences from my life that led me to say, “I wish they had acted differently.”

Adolescence is characterized by various hormonal changes, which may affect your physical appearance, causing acne and body hair to grow. All such transformations make teens more conscious about their appearances, prompting them to look for alternatives to enhance their looks. When my parents discovered me in such a mess, I got to hear that it was not my age to think about all this and that I should avoid such distractions and focus on my academics. Here, I wish they had acted differently.

I wish they had told me I am beautiful the way I am and aided me to discover my beauty. I wish they had supported me in working on my personality and character, which would help me shine everywhere. Moreover, this is the best time when everyone should work on their body language, sense of dressing, talking, etc., which would boost confidence and self-esteem and make us feel positive. This approach towards personality development with parents will make it much easier for children.

Adolescence is the time when you lay down the foundations of your career. It is extremely crucial to select the best vocation for yourself on the basis of scope, interests, and abilities. Most teens, like I was, are unsure of their choices and require the guidance of well-aware, well-wishers. When I wanted to explore a new career option, my parents did not support me and asked me to choose a traditional one. Here also I wish they had acted differently.

I wish they had provided me with the creative freedom to explore that option and guided me appropriately. It is essential that we choose a career line that excites us and parents should, therefore, try to become more open to incorporating new domains in their children’s life that exist in society.

Adolescence is when you encounter feelings of affinity towards the opposite sex and are completely clueless about how to deal with it. This creates a major mess in our life because it turns into a distraction we cannot avoid and the reaction of parents towards this aspect causes us to lie to them, creating a rift alongside. When I encountered this situation in my life, I was asked to stay away from that guy. Here, too, I wish they had acted differently.

I wish they had explained to me politely why I should avoid all this stuff at that age. I wish they had let me be friends with that guy so that I didn’t have to lie to them to meet him, which makes me guilty now. In my opinion, the best that parents can do is to be friendly with their children in order to prevent them from covering such secrets from them. They must handle this situation discreetly and not impose greater conditions on their kids.

I believe this article of mine will help parents understand teenage minds and provide them an insight into what they go through. Teenagers reading this might discover themselves on similar grounds as I did. I trust might raise hope for better relationships between parents and children during their teenage.

Adaa Gupta

Delhi North '24

Hey! Being a simple girl, I just try creating a content through which people could relate to me. I attempt to use normal language to keep my readers engaged and satisfied:)