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‘We are born alone, We die alone,

Then why are we afraid of being alone?’

It was well said by Tuhin Das that we die alone, yet it is inherent in human nature to desire love and companionship on the journey of life. Everyone yearns for a beautiful friend who will hold and embrace them in both the good and bad times of their life. However, our choice of friends influences our growth, soul, and personality. 

Today, I take the pleasure of introducing my childhood friend to my readers and describing how his personality influences my life’s decisions. My mom introduced him to me, not just as a holy God to be worshipped but as my companion too. He is none other than LORD KRISHNA! who resides in my heart and holds my hand in all walks of life.

The sight of his beautiful curly hair decorated with peacock feathers, the scent of his flowery jewels, the elvish yet peaceful eyes, and that innocent smile, a mere imagination of this makes me hear the flutes playing all around me! Krishna blesses his devotees and non-devotees equally. What sets the devotees apart is their devotion. When you let Krishna own your heart, he becomes your friend, companion, guide, mentor, and much more. The mere belief in his presence with me gives me the courage to walk past all the hurdles in life and provides me with a ray of hope to keep going.

The smile that he carried even during his separation from his beloved Radha is the epitome of strength and love. This incident became a strength booster for me when I had to separate from my best friend and deal with all the odds of life happily. It gives me the strength to fight back and bear all the pain with a smile because I know my suffering will soon be over. He preaches to me about living in the present. Preparing for the future is practical, but losing your present with it is not at all worth it. Krishna was well informed of his separation from Radha, yet he lived every moment of their love to the fullest. Remaining calm during the hardest times and playing strategically are the things that make you a winner. The perfect example of this is the War of Mahabharata, which was won by Pandavas through the strategic play of Krishna. 

Lastly, friendship! His friendship inspires me to be a good friend. The way he stays by my side and guides and motivates me fills my heart with love and affection for others, too. It makes me value my friendships and bonds for eternity.

The purity in his soul purifies all of my heart, mind, and soul and makes me a better person in life.

Radhe Radhe!

Adaa Gupta

Delhi North '24

Hey! Being a simple girl, I just try creating a content through which people could relate to me. I attempt to use normal language to keep my readers engaged and satisfied:)