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From the Diary of a Writer at Her Campus @ Delhi North

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

Chatterbox is a term that has been associated with my personality all my life. I can still recall the instance when I was regarded that way for the first time. It was a parent-teacher meeting, and my teacher described my only bothersome trait as being a chatterbox. I believe it is a trait that I’ve been able to preserve since childhood. The people around me stand wide-eyed when they discover that I have unlimited conversations to strike. However, speaking up about my thoughts could not make me stand out. I realized that a probable reason could be how I deliver my thoughts, which comprise language, formulation, clarity, logic, etc. This is the moment I set foot in the world of writing.

Writing has always been my peaceful escape. It might be looked at as just a mere source of communication, but to me, it is a mode of self-introspection as well. It allows me to reflect upon the thoughts that inhabit my mind before I pen them down for the world to read and grasp. I discover my inner self and uncover aspects of myself that I was previously unaware of. My inability to express my affection towards people has always put me in a tight spot but conveying it through letters and cards makes my job easier.

Writing is not a significant component of my academic domain as an Economics Major student. Yet letting my heart out by writing a piece every week at Her Campus gives me inner peace. My articles are generally inspired by events in my life, ideas I’ve encountered, emotions I’ve felt, people I’ve met, or digital content I’ve watched.

My first article and the most recent one seem poles apart to me. It has been quite a long journey here at Her Campus, and now that I look back, I can proudly say that it helped me polish my writing skills and gave me the confidence to express myself. My mentors at Her Campus in Delhi North recognize my potential and guide me in the right direction to secure the stage I am currently on. They always appreciate my creativity in articulating my innate ideas and advise me to enhance the way I put them across. Her Campus gives me a platform to talk about diversified topics, even those that have not been discussed until now.

The time I spend at HCDN curating and creating my content is worth it. The appreciation I receive, as well as the knowledge and experience I inherit, are priceless. My blank mind gave way to my heart to come forward and dedicate my writing to Her Campus. I would therefore like to wrap up by thanking the community for helping me discover the writer in me. At Her Campus, we spend a lot of time and effort curating our articles in a way that appears to delight the hearts of readers. We strive to create content for the satisfaction of our readers. I expect that, like me, my insightful readers would also appreciate the people of Her Campus.

Adaa Gupta

Delhi North '24

Hey! Being a simple girl, I just try creating a content through which people could relate to me. I attempt to use normal language to keep my readers engaged and satisfied:)