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Everything goes right on a beach vacation—sitting in the warm embrace of the sun, the gentle lull of the waves, the soft touch of the sand beneath my feet, and the cold breeze that blankets the lovely nights. There’s always something so magical about the allure of the ocean. Last week, I set off on a vacation to a coastal haven, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since then. Beaches haven’t left my conversations since I returned and I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop expressing my love for these lovelies anytime soon.

There is so much to love about the beaches. I recall standing at the shore, nestled between the cold waves and the warm sand. I stand there, gaping at the vast expanse of the ocean that spreads before me. The ocean is truly so majestic. One could never really help but marvel at its grandeur. The ocean is a universe in and of itself. As far as the eyes can reach, the ocean unfolds, spreading out to as far as there is the horizon.

And then there is the rhythm of the waves, always humming soft lullabies in my ears. There’s a certain poetry in how the waves dance along the shoreline. With its ever-changing hues, it holds a mysterious allure. The deep blues. The frothy whites. Little patches of emerald are swinging here and there. It leaves my soul breathless. You sit in its lap, surrender yourself to its beauty, and it cradles all your worries and troubles into its vast embrace.

And the golden sands. The ever-changing footprints. Little signatures of people walking over the sand, rewriting the landscape in their unique ways. Nothing stays constant. Each footprint becomes a celebration of leaving behind a mark on the sandy pages of the beach until another foot crosses the slate. We all become artists in a gallery of memories that linger in the sand.

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, a beach vacation is a gentle reminder to slow down, breathe in the salty air, and immerse yourself in the serenity of the ocean.

There’s no end to my love for the beaches. The waves keep pulling me back for more.

Arushi Sethi

Delhi North '24

Arushi Sethi is a Chapter Member at the Her Campus at Delhi North. She is a part of the Content Writing team, writing and exploring a plethora of genres in her writings for the website including lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, wellness and culture. Beyond Her Campus, she is a third year English Literature student at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. She is currently serving as the Content Editor for Willow – the journal of The English Society of Hansraj College, and has previously served as the Editor-in-Chief for Credence Foundation, a non-profit organization. Furthermore, she is a member of the Editorial Wing of Kavyanjali – the Poetry Society of Hansraj College, and Ostraca – the Creative Writing Society. She has also written for Hans, the college magazine of Hansraj College. And with a vast experience of participating and chairing in several Model United Nations Conferences, both as a Journalist and Executive Board, she also holds a keen interest and grip over journalistic writings. Being a poet, content writer, blogger & editor, she is constantly exploring newer ways to fulfil her passion for words. For her, there is bliss in reading, writing, listening to music, singing and playing the piano.