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When life throws a bad day my way and I need a cozy escape, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in the warm bed, with a cup of tea by my side and surrendering myself to my favorite comfort films of all time. These are more than just beautiful stories; these are like warm hugs on a cold day. Here are five of my favorite comfort films that never fail to put a smile on my face:


Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is about the wholesome journey of two best friends from being convinced they are not in love to eventually understanding that there’s no one better meant for them than each other! With the comforting presence of the actors on the screen, this film stands as a beautiful reminder to cherish the beauty of friendship and the power of unconditional love in one’s life. The film can comfort one through its simplicity. The sweet tale of Jai and Aditi’s relationship, the little jokes, the fun adventures, comforting each other through heartbreaks – there are but a million reasons to love this beauty! From them breaking apart to coming together eventually, navigating through Jai and Aditi’s sweet life is a beautiful spectacle!


Wake Up Sid is the story of a lazy, unfocused college student Sid, who finds the refuge from his fast-paced life in the company of his new-found friend, Aisha. On days when everything around feels gloomy, when the sun’s a little dimmer and the sky a little grayer, this heartwarming film comes as a savior. And oh, the sweet, sweet chemistry between Sid and Aisha. There is no better joy than watching their love story unfold and constantly rooting for them throughout the film. Oh my god, YES! And especially when I get the film with the added benefit of the soul-stirring, my all-time-favorite “Iktara”, what else would I ask for?


As a story of two childhood friends and the beautifully-sad intricacies of their relationship, Meri Pyaari Bindu stands as a true nostalgic refuge for me. It isn’t just a movie for me — it’s a time-machine that takes me back to a bygone era where love and longing were set to the tune of beautiful retro melodies. The allure of the film lies in its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia for a time I haven’t even lived. Through its rich storytelling and vivid characters, the film transports viewers to the beautiful era of 80s. The retro songs seeping within the film. The depth in the dialogues. Pure romance. The film’s ending might be tinged with sadness, but that is also precisely what resonates with the overwhelming emotions of longing and nostalgia in our lives.


Dear Zindagi is a coming-of-age movie about a young cinematographer in search of a happy life and her beautiful encounter with Dr. Jug, an unconventional therapist. Who would not want a therapist like Dr. Jehangir Khan? His cool, calm demeanor and little talks of wisdom are all one would ask for after a bad day. Listening to his heart-to-heart conversations with Kaira in the film is immensely comforting. I love how the film teaches one to embrace life’s imperfections and find beauty in the little things – lessons I would seek and hold close to my heart on days I’m feeling low!


Life in a…Metro is a lovely collection of six different stories, intermingling into one another, with each one of them echoing a similar message – in the hustle and bustle of city life, the metro, one must not forget to love oneself. The film gently reminds me of the importance of self-love, no matter what chaos surrounds me. This cinematic gem welcomes you into its world with open arms. It’s not just a story of its characters, the film becomes a journey of self-discovery and love. Just as the characters navigate their relationships and discover their worth, it inspires me to be kinder to myself, even on the toughest of days! 

So, the next time life gets a little too overwhelming, I know just where to turn — my trusty collection of comfort films. Because sometimes, all you need is a good movie and a warm cup of chai to make everything feel alright again!

Arushi Sethi

Delhi North '24

Arushi Sethi is a Chapter Member at the Her Campus at Delhi North. She is a part of the Content Writing team, writing and exploring a plethora of genres in her writings for the website including lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, wellness and culture. Beyond Her Campus, she is a third year English Literature student at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. She is currently serving as the Content Editor for Willow – the journal of The English Society of Hansraj College, and has previously served as the Editor-in-Chief for Credence Foundation, a non-profit organization. Furthermore, she is a member of the Editorial Wing of Kavyanjali – the Poetry Society of Hansraj College, and Ostraca – the Creative Writing Society. She has also written for Hans, the college magazine of Hansraj College. And with a vast experience of participating and chairing in several Model United Nations Conferences, both as a Journalist and Executive Board, she also holds a keen interest and grip over journalistic writings. Being a poet, content writer, blogger & editor, she is constantly exploring newer ways to fulfil her passion for words. For her, there is bliss in reading, writing, listening to music, singing and playing the piano.