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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delhi North chapter.

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

~ Leo Tolstoy 

After a gloomy winter, the season of spring arrives with its blossoms, the scent of flowers, earthly landscapes, and sunshine. If winter makes you crawl inside a blanket and sleep, spring brings forth the feeling of rejuvenation, swaying us to go outside and experience the joy it brings. It invites rebirth, not just of the earth but also of people and their hopes and aspirations.

To welcome this feeling of rebirth, different places celebrate differently. From Japan’s cherry blossom season to India’s Basant Panchmi, countries around the world have long traditions of beautiful festivals that are observed to welcome spring. Now, as someone who lives in Delhi, like many other college students, it’s impossible to travel around the world to enjoy spring, but fret not! We’ve compiled a list of things you can do in Delhi during spring!


Even though Delhi does not have cherry blossoms, the city is filled with Semal trees, which adorn beautiful red and orange flowers. These flowers can be found in huge numbers at every corner of the city, signifying the arrival of spring. So, the next time you go out, do remember to admire these trees that will definitely lift your mood! 


Lodhi Garden is one of the favorites among Delhiites. People of all age groups enjoy basking in the sunlight, sitting on its lush green grounds, and exploring the underlying history of its tombs, especially during spring when it is covered with flora of various kinds, looking as colorful as ever.

Whenever you plan your visit, perhaps carry a basket full of food and a mat. A small picnic at Lodhi Garden would be the best way to spend your evenings!


If you’re a student of Delhi University, North Campus, you may be aware of the Northern Ridge (Kamala Nehru Ridge). An extension of the Aravalli Hills, it is a park with abundant greenery and a vast population of monkeys. What would be a better way to enjoy spring than to spend a peaceful day with your friends, chatting away your fatigue amidst the lush greenery?


With the weather being neither too cold nor too hot—Spring is a suitable time to go cafe hopping within various hubs of Delhi. Whether it is Hauz Khas Village, Majnu-Ka-Tila, or Hudson Lane, cafe hopping involves a lot of fun, food, and aesthetic pictures while exploring different cafes and cuisines. This would make a perfect spring day out, without excluding street food, of course!


Any to-do list is incomplete without considering the thrill of shopping during a sale. With new seasons also come seasonal sales and offers. Whether it’s Sarojini Nagar or Janpath or even the Pacific Mall, you’ll find discounted offers everywhere, so grab your shopping partner and roam around the malls and streets of Delhi for an amazing shopping spree. 

These are a few things that you can do in a vast city like Delhi, which has a unique history and culture. The more you explore it, the more it enchants you with its beauty. These activities are merely a drop in the ocean of what one can do here. 

Every season has something to admire, be it the indolence of winter or the fresh air of summer. Spring, likewise, feels like a writer’s abode, a season of poetry and warmth, of metaphors and imagery, something to enjoy for a brief time until it paves the way for summer and comes back to us after a long winter shade. So I hope this list helps you enjoy spring a little more, to make the best of this short period of beauty. 

Riya Jindal

Delhi North '24

Riya Jindal is a Senior Associate Editor at Her Campus, Delhi North and currently an undergraduate at Indraprastha College for Women. She partakes in editing pieces that cover a wide range of topics, writing and approving pitches. She has actively participated in editorial work and volunteering as the team head and General Secretary of the Women’s Development cell, IPCW and NSS. As an individual she's passionate about music, creative arts, media and film.