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Korean content has seen massive popularity over recent years. From movies such as Train to Busan and Parasite to musical acts such as BTS and Blackpink, the Korean industry has a huge diversity of content choices to offer. K-Drama, with its gripping storylines and relatable characters, has become a popular choice among viewers worldwide.

If you wish to delve into the magical world of K-Dramas, here’s a list of five shows you can watch over the weekend:

Crash Landing On You 

Mixing romance and comedy, Crash Landing On You revolves around the story of Yoon Se-Ri, a south Korean heiress who, while paragliding, lands in North Korea and meets Ri Jeong Hyeok, an army officer. Captain Ri helps Seri hide and eventually hatches a plan to get her back to South Korea. The two eventually grow closer as her secret becomes more dangerous for them and everyone they know. 

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

The show focuses on the journey toward personal healing for people suffering from trauma. The two leads, Moon Gang Tae and Ko Moon Young, reveal their secrets, seek comfort from each other, and fall in love, making this a well-grounded but endearing drama. 

Run On

Ki Seon-gyeom, a former sprinter working to become a sports agent, and Oh Mi-joo, a translator, delight the viewers in this light-hearted and romantic drama. The K-drama is remarkably astute in knowing how to ground its characters through their actions and words, making them very human, but creates enough fantasy and plot predictability to make it a cute slice-of-life romantic comedy. 

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

The drama tells the story between dentist Yoon Hye-Jin and the jack-of-all-trades, Hong Du-sik. Set in the idyllic coastal town of Gongjin, the story is simple and beautifully crafted. The show is filled with tender moments and perfectly balances romance, comedy, and drama. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Woo Young Woo is a young lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome. She’s smart, honest, and has an amazing memory, but struggles with everyday social interactions. The three key factors in making the show — directing, writing, and acting — seem to be magically aligned, captivating the viewers and giving a wholesome feeling of fulfillment. 

These shows will surely keep you entertained as they touch your heart and elevate your mood, perfect for a binge-watching session!

Ira Sharma

Delhi North '24

Ira is a second year political science student at Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. She is passionate about gender equality, sustainable living, and feminism. She is a lover of power naps, video essays, and the oxford comma. Though she does not usually refer to herself in third person, she can be persuaded to do so from time to time.